Before we are born we exist in the astral with the total accumulation of energies we have acquired during our past lifetimes. There are genetic and etheric bonds that link us to our future parents. Some call these bonds karmic bonds.

We choose our parents and they choose us. In giving us life part of both parents has united genetically and etherically to fashion a physical vehicle that can contain the energies making up our soul. At the moment of birth we are more alive and vital than we will be at any time in our lives.

Our Holy Guardian Angel is functioning in harmony with our Shadow. They both wish to keep us alive and healthy. We bring into this life the energy we carry with us from past lives. This energy supplements all areas of living as a form of grace or protection.

Our abstract spiritual and concrete spiritual bodies are developed and very active. Babies are very intuitive and capable of psychically knowing things about the environment.

Most babies are surrounded with spiritual love and light. They have strong auras. Their abstract mental energies are high. Babies have an intense ability to focus all of their energy on one thing at a time.

The ability to focus is so complete the need seldom lasts a long time. It is the opposite of a short attention span. In seconds they assimilate the usefulness of an object and become bored with it. See it. Taste it. Feel it. Hear it. Smell it. Break it. What else is there to do with it?

Concrete mental energies are awesome. A child learns as much or more within the first six years of life as in the entire rest of his or her life altogether.

Upper emotional energies make the lives of most children lives of happiness and adventure as new horizon after horizon opens before them in beauty and wonder. Life is a joyous exploration as the world unfolds in all of its splendor.

Lower emotional energy is strong also. Children get angry and stubborn when they don’t get what they want. They become adept at getting the things they want from other people.

Etheric energies are very powerful in children. Family ties are very strong and a child’s love for parents and siblings is unconditional.

At birth all of these energies are at a maximum within the newborn and only the parental bonds have been established; especially the bond with the mother. They flow through the entire body in an unrestricted manner. The energy of love flows through these bonds as well as others.

This energy represents the energies carried over from past lifetimes. As the child interacts with others and gains experience he or she establishes astral connections that draw this energy away in an expansive manner. The natural energy reserve is like money that is gradually spent through experiences with others. The world expands before the child and absorbs the child’s energy. The child absorbs the experience. This happens with each form of energy and represents the expansiveness and innocence of youth.

A point is reached when the child has given out his or her ready supply of energy. When this happens the energy flow reverses and what was an expansive experience becomes a restrictive experience. This reversal of polarity occurs normally in the troubled teenage years and marks what we have come to call the loss of innocence. This loss of innocence is very painful and will happen sooner or later at every level as our energy reserves run out. Our grace period has run out and we need to generate our own energy to stay alive.

The physical body can learn to generate these energies and slow or even reverse the aging process. It is extremely difficult for most people to generate all seven types of energy. Most are able to generate a few of them and they remain young in the areas that they have learned to generate energy. They continue to age in the areas of those energies they don’t generate.

The process is as follows:

1 It is easy to give away energy.
2 It is difficult to give away energy.
3 Energy is taken from us.
4 Energy is painfully taken from us.
5 we painfully are forced to generate more energy.
6 With difficulty we work and generate more energy.
7 We just feel a drain on us that is a mild irritation.
8 It becomes effortless to generate the energy and we once more have a surplus and the world expands before us.

This process can be followed with any of the seven energy types.

Abstract Spiritual

1 Easy to love
2 difficult to love
3 love is withheld
4 love is lost
5 love in face of rejection
6 love in spite of rejection
7 love without expectation of return
8 love unconditionally

Concrete Spiritual

1 easy to intuit
2 difficult to intuit
3 extremely difficult to intuit
4 impossible to intuit
5 intuit through trial and error-process of elimination
6 intuit from what is missing or not there
7 intuit shadow self
8 intuit true self

Abstract Mental

1 easy to focus
2 difficult to focus
3 extremely difficult to focus
4 impossible to focus
5 many fragments click together
6 refine big picture
7 broad paradigm
8 integrated personal philosophy

Concrete Mental

1 easy to learn
2 difficult to learn
3 extremely difficult to learn
4 impossible to learn
5 learn through hard work
6 learn through hobbies
7 learn from life’s experiences
8 Each moment is a learning process

Upper Emotional

1 easy to experience joy and happiness
2 not so easy to experience joy and happiness
3 extremely difficult to experience joy and happiness
4 joy and happiness seem impossible
5 irony and dry humor
6 a bitter-sweet joy in life
7 easy humor
8 regain joy and happiness doing things we love doing

Lower Emotional

1 use anger to achieve goals
2 anger doesn’t work as well to achieve goals
3 anger only helps occasionally to get goal
4 anger won’t get us our goal
5 anger works against us
6 anger creates problems for us
7 anger and frustration while achieving goal
8 anger in form of determination and stamina is used to achieve goal


1 unconditional love of family
2 difficulty with family
3 extremely hard times with family
4 impossible family-leave home
5 impossible family-return home
6 new family-difficult adjustment period
7 difficult to accept new family roles
8 new family roles and stations accepted

In each case we can regain the ease and vitality we once had as children by learning to generate our own surplus of that type of energy.