Working With Sexual Energy Part 4

The action of the lunar cycle will stress and rack the astral planes forcing “normal” astral creations to give way to “phase-locked” astral creations. All that you need to do is keep a steady supply available and let the process work itself.

Sexual energy is stored in the sex glands. In the male sexual energy is stored in the testes and in the female it is stored in the ovaries. There are significant differences between male sexual energy and female sexual energy that must be understood.

Both the testes and the ovaries act as batteries that store and discharge bio-electrical and magnetic field energy. During the female orgasm this energy is forced out of the ovaries and floods into both the physical body and into the astral body giving a pleasurable sensation as it flows. The ovaries then draw energy from the earth to recharge themselves making it possible for the female to have multiple orgasms.

During the male orgasm this energy excites the sperm so much that under normal conditions ejaculation occurs causing the loss of these vital “batteries” as well as most of the bio-electrical and magnetic field energy that they contain. This loss should be minimized for our purposes.

The simplest way to prevent this loss is for the male to have a vasectomy which will prevent the sperm from leaving the body. Instead the orgasm energy will be forced into the physical and astral body in the same manner as it is with a female orgasm. The depleted sperm will then recharge themselves from “spiritual” light energy and be capable of multiple orgasms after recharging.

It is the pleasurable waves of energy that fill the body with energy and force it into the astral and not the energy contained in the sperm itself that is important. Retaining the sperm simply helps in a rapid recharging that makes five or six sessions a day possible if desired.

Loss of the sperm would not make this number of sessions possible over long periods of time. The physical body could not replace the lost sperm cells that fast. By delaying orgasm as long as possible the male will inject the greatest amount of sexual energy into the astral. The critical thing is to experience the waves of pleasurable energy flooding the body because it is at that time the physical energy becomes astral energy. These injections of energy are cumulative and enlarge the passageways already opened by the spiritual energies.

If a vasectomy is not desired it is possible to prevent ejaculation by learning to slowly drain the testes of their energy and never approach full orgasm. The pleasurable sensation is the flow of energy into the body and is what is worked for. It is also possible to prevent ejaculation by tightening the pelvic diaphragm muscles at the right time.

In time energy channels open up and this process can become very routine with the energy easily flowing from the testes into the physical and astral body without a loss of sperm or minimal loss of sperm.

As a general rule the male orgasm should be approached and prolonged as long as possible to completely drain the testes of their energy before ejaculation. The female orgasm should be reached as quickly as possible and held at its peak for as long as possible.

In both cases a point will be reached where no more energy is available until the body is recharged.

The reason for this difference is that the male’s energy source is light energy and his sexual energy will tend to rise naturally through the body and transform itself into mental and spiritual energy. As it rises through the body it will activate and loosen trapped “black energy” causing the energy also to transform into mental energy and rise into conscious awareness. The main goal is to get the sexual energy forced into the physical and astral body. The rest will occur naturally.

The female energy source is earth energy and will tend to remain as low in the physical and astral body as possible. The object is to raise this energy during orgasm as high as possible within the body and keep it at that level as long as possible. Female sexual energy will not release “black” energy but it will raise it up until it finds a suitable outlet and then let it go down again to find its way into physical events.

In this respect female energy tends to impel “black” energy into physical events. This tendency can be guarded against with the proper use of the energy ball described later. Also, when the physical and astral body is completely saturated with sexual energy the “black” energy is then forced completely out of the body through the top of the head. During orgasm the energy should be pushed as high as possible trying to force it entirely out of the head into the spiritual light source.

Both the male and the female should attempt to channel the sexual energy up the spine instead of through the organs of the body. The reason for this is that the spine has already been prepared by the use of the energy ball during the lesser work described in chapter five. With a little practice it will also carry the denser sexual energy. In time the sexual energy will also channel itself effortlessly through the organs and the bone structure.

In the male this sexual energy will gradually build up inside the physical and astral body expelling all foreign energies. It will accumulate at the top of the head and gradually force itself downward into the lower emotional levels activating one astral body after another until they are all united into one “phase-locked” astral body that can travel on all astral levels.

Finally the pressure of this sexual energy buildup will force itself out the base of the spine into the earth’s astral plane where it will eventually contact your soul mate’s astral energy.

In the female the sexual energy will build up until it is forced out the top of the head and into the earth’s astral planes. She will activate one astral body at a time from the lowest to the highest and will need to deal with feelings of extreme sensuality and the problems that her “raw” sexual energy attracts to her in the form of inappropriate male attention. Her excess female energy will attract male energy to her that is not her soul mate’s.

The important thing to realize is that the pleasurable sensations that flood the body during sexual arousal and orgasm are the sexual energies being drained from the sex organs into the physical body and the astral body. These pleasurable sensations should be made to last as long as possible.

The physical body will only be able to store so much of this energy and the rest will be forced into the astral body and into the astral planes. This will strengthen the astral body and fill the astral planes with your sexual energy in a cumulative manner.

If you do not have a partner the sexual energy will activate your astral bodies one at a time before entering into the astral planes by getting opposite sex energy directly from the collective and the environment. If you have a partner the energy will merge with your partners and escape directly into the astral plane and into the collective before permanently activating any astral bodies. When the astral plane is filled to bursting with your sexual energy it will back up and begin to activate your astral bodies one at a time. If your partner is not your soul mate the relationship will then be dissolved and you will separate.

What this means is that it doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you daily force sexual energy into the astral. The end result will be eventual contact with your true soul mate and a phase-locking of sexual energies on the astral plane. As in so many things practice makes perfect and it is the effort that counts with each occurrence adding to what is already in the astral.

Male sexual energy is expansive and destructive in nature. It will tend to expand and destroy other astral creations that it comes into contact with. It forces itself through astral blocks and barriers forming new pathways for the energy to flow.

Female sexual energy is restrictive and blocking in nature. It will tend to block off unwanted astral energies and isolate itself within an impenetrable wall of phase-locked astral energy.

The male must not only find his soul mate since she can’t find him, he must also have enough energy to penetrate the protective barrier that she has placed around herself by isolating herself from other male energies. The continuous addition of sexual energy into the astral will assure that this happens in a timely manner.

As mentioned earlier, the entire process is quite automatic and will happen according to the laws of nature and not according to the laws of man.

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