Working With Sexual Energy Part 4

The third method is to become a Magus! This is by far the most difficult and time consuming, but it is also the only way to really get the things that you want in this lifetime. This is the method that the O.A.K. system uses. In general you force energy into the astral planes and rack them until your astral creations are forced into the “fixed” Akashic records to become physical realities. This is the Great Work.

Obviously this is not easily done because all other conflicting astral events must be forced out of the fixed etheric planes first. This means a direct conflict of wills between what society wants and what you want. The task will at times seem almost impossible. All of your energy will be diverted into anything but what you want.

What happens is that you must give energy to the earth’s astral levels until it can’t take anymore. When it is full to the maximum with your energy it will have no choice except moving out of the way and allowing your energy to become physical reality.

This will happen automatically through the action of the solar and lunar cycles and no additional action is required. The entire process can be speeded up to a degree by forcibly injecting energy into the astral on a daily basis. Basically, you are attempting to lift the entire collective of humanity to a higher level where it will accept and grant you the things you want. Not an easy task but in some ways preferable to leaving the collective where it is at and waiting for it to accept you and your goals. If you do that you might not achieve your goals until your next lifetime.

The only thing needed for this method to work is an “unlimited” power source and a certain amount of time. Sexual energy is ideal for this purpose because it contains within it all types of astral energies and is extremely powerful. It is also readily available. Physical energy is more powerful but more limited to corresponding physical actions.

To make use of physical energy this way will require a training program similar to Olympic athletes or professional sports players and martial artists. It also requires an extreme focus on a specific goal. For those of us fortunate enough to know exactly what we must do, this is the ideal method. In fact, at some point this is what we must do to achieve the final causal connection that links our desires to physical reality.

We must inject large amounts of raw physical energy from our labors into the earth’s astral planes before our wishes can become reality. We must physically work for those things that we want in life.

There are no shortcuts in this. But we don’t need to do things that work against our true purpose in life! Often we don’t know what it is that we really want in life and must clarify it and bring it into focus. Other times we don’t know how to achieve the things we want and must learn how to achieve them before we can start physically working toward them.

Perhaps in most cases we have in addition to these problems active resistance against us in the form of our unresolved karma and/or expectations forced upon us as social obligations. We are so entangled in where we are that we can’t get to where we want to be. In cases like this increased physical activity may be in the wrong direction and work against our true desires by creating additional complications.

The use of sexual energy has the effect of being neutral and at the same time very powerful. Instead of anchoring to physical reality it goes into the etheric/astral levels and accumulates as growing personal power. It strengthens and integrates our various astral bodies and neutralizes or destroys opposition within the fixed etheric planes. Physical activity and energy brings our astral creations into reality but sexual energy can destroy or alter anything that is in our way.

Sexual energy enters the astral and expands and accumulates until it encounters resistance. When it encounters resistance it pushes back until whatever the resistance was becomes a physical event or weakens and withdraws. If needed it will transmute and rise up the planes until the conflict is resolved. This increases personal power at the lower levels and brings greater awareness into these lower levels so we can better know what to do physically.

The process works like this. Sexual energy is pumped into the astral planes once or twice a day. This astral energy accumulates in the astral planes and causes it to expand slightly more than it would normally. During the lunar cycle the moon’s gravity causes the astral planes to expand and contract forcing excess astral energy to become physical events or forcing them to self-destruct.

At first your energy will be used to propel other astral events into physical reality. Physical events around the world will take place at a faster rate than normal. Your sexual energy is being used to complete other astral events. This happens because your sexual energy is mixed with everyone else’s. As you tap into your soul mates sexual energy your own sexual energy will gradually purify itself and “phase-lock” with your soul mate’s energy.

There are two different types of development going on at this point, the “soul mate” activity involving spiritual energy and the buildup of lower level energy involving collective sexual energy.

The development involving spiritual energy and the “soul mate” cycles will continue on its own through the action of solar and lunar influences.

The addition of sexual energy is that of a mixed opposite sex energy drawn from the collective. As this happens you will slowly force your way through layer after layer of fixed etheric obstacles gaining freedom from them. It is a gradual freeing yourself of karmic entanglements. The energy flow between you and your soul mate will gradually increase and purify until it is continuous.

It will also involve more types of energy as it works its way downward through all the levels. With each lunar cycle progress will slowly be made until the two of you are forced together, at first astrally and then physically. This does not mean sexual physical contact but simply physical contact of a very platonic nature. Sexual physical contact with this spiritual soul mate can’t happen until a permanent causal link has been established and the entire astral planes have been mastered.

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