Working With Sexual Energy Part 3

The dream interaction with your “soul mate” in the first soul mate cycle marks the beginning of the grade of Magus and the struggle to complete the Great Work. These soul mate interactions create phase-locked astral energy that is extremely powerful.

When this contact is made a new “resonant” circuit is formed between you and your soul mate that nothing can interfere with. At this point you can begin living the life that you truly want to live in that the fixed etheric levels have been purged of oppositional and negative influences.

It means that you can hold these negative influences at bay indefinitely because you are stronger than they are. It’s marked by a dormant period in physical life where everything seems to be at a stalemate. You can’t get ahead but you won’t back down to the opposition either. All of your energy is spent in holding these oppositional forces at bay. With each lunar cycle you make slow gains and increases in self-empowerment. The opposition becomes less and you become stronger.

The entire process is completely automatic and requires only a regular input of all types of energy to ensure total success by anyone. In fact, this process will also work with the spiritual energies and the “soul mate” cycle without the addition of the sexual energies but it will take a lot longer because spiritual energy is not as dense and heavy as sexual energy.

There is a real problem with “phase-locked” astral creations that must be clearly understood. They will resist every possible effort to become physical events and objects. This is why this is called the Great Work. To bring these astral creations into physical existence requires an unlimited source of energy and the will to go against the will of the entire world. It involves forcing and racking the astral planes until they have no choice but to give you the things that you want.

Opposites attract each other and you will automatically attract astral events to you that you don’t want and you will repel the events that you do want. The astral events that you don’t want will be attracted to the “fixed” Akashic records to become physical events in this lifetime.

The astral events that you want will repel themselves from the “fixed” Akashic records and form the basics of your next lifetime, the one after this one! You can have these things in your next life after you die! This is the way the process works unless the system is forced into giving you the things you want now in this lifetime.

This is why it is easier to prevent something negative from happening by forcing it out of the fixed etheric planes than it is to impel a created astral event into physical reality. It is easier to destroy than it is to create!

In the same manner the good life experiences that you now enjoy were earned and placed into the “fixed” Akashic records only after the death of your past life. That is the only reason that anything good is happening in your life at all!

Obviously this is not acceptable to us because we do not want to wait until our next lifetime for the things that we want now! There are three things that we can do to get the things that we want in this lifetime.

The first is known as “black” magic because we take the astral creations that someone else has made and make them our own. Because these astral creations are not made from our own energy they are not repelled and will enter into the “fixed” Akashic record to become physical reality during this life time for us.

There are important limitations to this type of magic. Because these astral creations are not our own they will never truly satisfy us. We will never be able to get what we really want out of life. In addition, we are causing pain and injury to the ones that are victimized by us and we are neglecting our future lifetime.

This path will cause our next lifetime to be without any of the things that we really want. Instead it will be an entire lifetime of tremendous hardship and suffering. For these reasons alone it is unacceptable to follow this path.

The second possibility is that of “group” magic. This type of magic is very effective in bringing astral events into physical reality but it also has its limitations. The way it works is that the other members of the group will energize and create things astrally for you that you desire to have. Since it was created by others it will not repel from you and will enter into the “fixed” Akashic records to become a physical event. If you do what society wants you to do, then society will reward you in many ways. It is the path of the conformer to the demands of the collective.

In the same manner you will energize and create astral events for others that they desire and help them to become physical reality. This is most common in prayer and healing circles where the group gives its energies to other members of the group.

While this method does bring good positive things into your life they will never really be just exactly what you wanted. It will always involve the compromise between what you wish and what the collective wants of you. Your true wish and true desire will never be fulfilled in the way that you want it to. You must always settle for second best and for less than you really wanted. For this reason this method is best left for emergencies and for a general willingness to help others with good will. It can’t hurt anything.