Working With Sexual Energy Part 2

Joe Bandel
3 min readNov 25, 2017


Entry into the solar and lunar cycles establishes contact with one individual that will act as a “soul mate” and replace this mixed opposite sex energy with pure opposite sex energy. This dream connection will establish astral bodies that are “pure” and permanently activated.

A soul mate is described as someone whose energy is of the same frequency as your own and is able to “phase-lock” with your own energy. When your energy “phase-locks” with your soul mates energy astral creations will also be “phase-locked” and very stable. In effect, for the male one power source continues as “light” and the other “earth” power source establishes itself as dream contact with a physical female that he may or may not know. This female taps into the “earth” energies at the frequency needed and has a surplus that she gives to him.

For the female the process is reversed in that her source of “earth” power remains the same but dream contact is established with a physical male who in turn provides the “light” power source of the proper frequency for her use.

What is happening is that you are being given access to non-spiritual opposite sex energies via dream contact. A person will probably share energies with several “soul mate” type encounters. This as a type of rough draft, first draft, final copy, and revised edition where one “soul mate” at a time is contacted and as much is done as possible.

It appears to go through a cycle for each main type of energy. The first dealing with abstract spiritual concepts and the cosmic cycle. The second and third dealing with mental energies, global and international events. The fourth and fifth dealing with emotional energies and personal issues. The sixth and seventh dealing with the etheric energies needed in establishing the causal link that will allow you to achieve physically that which you have astrally created. Each cycle is personally empowering and creates a “future” for you.

Each cycle involves serious disruptions of the “fixed” etheric levels, but each time the disruption is less and acts as a minor fine tuning that corrects and alters key areas of your life that are already embedded within the “fixed” etheric levels and your “future”. These types of astral creations will resist almost all efforts by others to alter them and will belong exclusively to whoever created them. At some future time they will eventually become physical events for whoever created them.

It is assumed that anyone who has worked through the exercises of chapter four successfully has attained to a connection with such a “soul mate” and has become aware of the influence of the lunar and solar cycles. Such a person has crossed the Great Abyss and has attained the Grade known as Magister Tempi. They are now a “babe of the abyss”. Much of the inner work has been done and the various astral bodies have been activated with spiritual energy.

Magical and mystical schools will have their students study obscure and difficult material for years. They will teach methods of meditation and ritual that are designed to gradually bring students to this point. Many of these students will never achieve the grade Magister Templi. The techniques given in chapter five will allow anyone to achieve this level safely in as little as six months!

Once a person is opened to the lunar and solar cycles as described above there is no need for further instruction because the individual Master Within will teach, direct, and guide that person. His or her eventual progress and development is assured. These greater cycles will take over the individual’s development. O. A. K. shows the shortest possible way to achieve this grade without the superfluous aspects that characterize most of these schools.

This is possible largely because of an understanding of chaos theory and how the energy dynamics really work. In the old schools many of the subjective experiences were attributed to different causes and efforts were expended that were contradictory in nature. What happened was that the student put out the energy and effort and gradually developed in spite of all that these schools could throw at them. Mastery of materials allowed the buildup of energy development required. As long as the energy escaped through some form of fuzzy thinking the energy could not buildup and development could not proceed to the next stage.

O. A. K. has a minimum of material to learn and is easily graspable. Personal time and energy are not spent learning dogmatic material but instead applied toward plugging the holes in one’s own personal philosophy of life and integrating with physical reality. This represents self-actualization at its highest peak of attainment.