Working With Sexual Energy Part 1

In other posts we learned how to develop and use spiritual energies through the energy ball meditation. These energies were used to purge the body and psyche of “black” energy that had been trapped and repressed within our physical bodies.

Working with spiritual energies is known as the lesser work since it doesn’t directly affect the environment but instead is a form an inner work that can be described as mysticism. It’s effects are felt mainly within our psyches and the regeneration of our physical bodies. The build up of stresses and energies acts within us instead of on our environment.

Working with physical and sexual energies is known as the greater work and has a greater effect on our immediate environment because they are denser and closer to the earth. This work involves direct interaction with the earth’s astral layers and our relationship to those layers that surround us.

It is also a continuation of the lesser work in that it purges the body and psyche of “black” energy of a very dense nature that is difficult for spiritual energy to release completely. With these energies we attempt to build astrally the type of life that we want as well as defend ourselves from life’s events that we wish to avoid. We attempt to establish a causal link between the astral/etheric energies and physical reality.

For sake of clarification etheric energies and spiritual energies are also astral energies. Astral energies range from the lightest spiritual energies as from the hydrogen element downward to the heaviest and most earthbound etheric levels and elements. In like manner physical and sexual energies are types of etheric astral energy.

I use spiritual energy to describe astral energy that is at the higher end of the elemental scale and use etheric energy to describe astral energy at the lower end of the scale. In this sense they are very generic terms meaning high and low forms of astral energy.

Physical energy is generated by physical activity. Sexual energy is generated by sexual activity. Emotional energy is generated by emotional activity. Mental energy is generated by mental activity. All of these energies are astral energies or magnetic field energies of an inductive nature.

Male energy is any type of energy produced by a male. Female energy is any type of energy produced by a female.

The entire subject of working with physical and sexual energies is very complex and must be taken a little at a time to ensure a proper understanding. The procedure is very simple in itself and will be described fully within this chapter.

The greater work consists of both creating desired astral/etheric events and in destroying or altering harmful astral/etheric events before they become physical events. This work is done in the “fixed” Akashic records as well as in the higher levels of the astral planes. It is possible to alter the future that is embedded within the “fixed” etheric regions of the astral but it takes enormous amounts of energy to do this. It requires the total disruption of these etheric levels.

It is much easier to prevent something bad from happening to you by forcing it up out of the “fixed” etheric levels and into the more subjective astral levels than it is to cause something specific to happen physically. At any given level it takes more energy to go downward against resistance than it does to go upward against resistance. Each lower level is a condensation of the one directly above it and has more energy available to it than the one above it.

When these lower levels are totally disrupted in this manner there is a spectacular realignment on all levels that results in a forced resolution of the various issues of other people. Large quantities of astral events become physical events while other astral events are destroyed.

This resolution allows room for new dynamics that are more advantageous to you. It is much like hitting the reset button on a computer, it starts all over from scratch taking into consideration your current strengths and weaknesses.

To do this one must be able to operate on all levels of the astral planes with full consciousness. This requires that all 118 astral bodies must be activated into full awareness. Then they must all be “phase-locked” together so they become in effect only one astral body.

Otherwise the stresses involved will not act on the earth’s astral planes but act inwardly to develop your own astral bodies. This is why the lesser work is inner work. All astral bodies must be activated and integrated before starting the great work of altering the earth’s astral levels.

The techniques given so far will allow activation of these bodies with spiritual energy but not with physical and sexual energies. This means that by applying and mastering the techniques given in chapter one and chapter five anyone will have the ability to force bad things out of the “fixed” etheric levels.

It means that you can destroy or prevent that which seeks to harm you or minimize the effects of a bad situation so that personal growth can come out of it. It does this by releasing these things from the fixed etheric levels and bringing these negative energies upward into awareness where they can be recognized and dealt with appropriately where they can do less harm.

Success with the techniques given in chapter five establish permanent connection to a “light” power source and an “earth” power source on a spiritual level. After this is done astral contact must be made with your soul mate to act as a second power source. This happens automatically as you open up to the solar and lunar cycles.

The energy ball meditations automatically develop all the astral bodies as described but the mechanics of how it works is complex. For astral energy to be stable and able to form astral bodies it must be 50% male energy and 50% female energy. Male energy by itself is expansive and uncontrollable. Female energy by itself is restrictive and confining. When mixed perfectly the astral material is stable and responsive to creative shaping and control.

The physical body can only produce one type of energy, male or female depending on what sex it is. It can not produce the opposite sex energy and must get it from someplace else.

In the energy ball meditations the energy ball is at first largely created by generating large amounts of one type of spiritual energy and creating a vacuum that attracts opposite sex spiritual energy. This energy comes from anywhere that is available. It comes from the environment and the collective in general.

As the meditations progress more and more opposite sex energy is required at deeper and deeper levels. At the conclusion of those exercises your astral bodies are formed of 50% your energy and 50% opposite sex energy taken or drawn from the collective of humanity. Your energy is pure but the collective’s energy is made up of many people that are karmically enmeshed and the energy will fluctuate and be unstable at times. This means your astral bodies will be unstable at times.