Working With Magical Energy Part 4

As more sexual energy is forced into the earth’s astral planes you will gain the ability to block and prevent harmful events in your physical life. This phase-locked energy still won’t become physical the way you want it to but it will prevent negative things from happening to you. It becomes a defensive magical energy that can resist anything at all.

This is the great turning point where your magical will is stronger than the earth’s astral current. It begins to accumulate in the Spirit astral layers and gain strength.

For the female this means that she can block out any unwanted influences in her physical life. She begins the process of expelling unwanted energies.

For the male he forces his astral creation against that of others and the others are destroyed or impelled into physical events. If destroyed they reform again above his astral creation helping to force his downward into the next level. In this manner society gradually comes to help these phase-locked energies to become physical events. Society gradually forces his energies into contact with those of his soul mate.

This is a long tedious process that takes place one astral contact at a time. Any possible obstacle or barrier will present itself to the male. This is because the female is trying to rid herself of unwanted energies and she places them directly in his path as he tries to reach her. In time she has no energies within herself except his and they will be drawn together to live the life that they both dreamed of living.

This entire process could take years of constant daily additions of sexual energy. While the process is very frustrating the final result is inevitable and a person’s attention should be drawn to other areas for maximum productivity in life.

For the male that has reached this point group magic workings may help him to get things in his life that would otherwise be repelled from him. He can work magic for others and they can work magic for him. What others astrally create for him can become physical reality.

In the same manner his phase-locked energy can be used as a catalyst to stimulate the development of others. If they are blocked he can open those blocks for them. He has the ability to pierce through all barriers, his or someone else’s. He can use this time to teach others.

For the female, she can give away excess female energy to other females and help them to block off unwanted energies. She becomes the guardian of other females lending them strength in times of need. This of course means that he must generate even more sexual energy before they are joined together.

The final result of this is that the entire world benefits from your efforts. Others confront and release “black” energy in a safe manner that prevents “psychotic” behaviors and learn to defend themselves against unwanted energies and harmful experiences.

You will develop an astral body that can function on all levels of the astral planes. This astral body will continue to gain in strength with each lunar cycle. It will allow you to work with your soul mate to create astrally the type of life that you both want to live.

These energies will become phase-locked together so no one else can alter them. This will also allow you to defend yourself against all unwanted persons or events and in time bring you and your soul mate together.

There is no need for ritual or spells or special equipment. The mind will create astrally what is desired and it will be forced to become a physical event. This is the most powerful type of magic that exists.

In reality what happens is that your personal beliefs will complicate and confuse the energy flows. If you believe in ritual and special equipment the sexual energy will flow into those “patterns” and find any weak spots that will allow it to escape. Experienced occultists will easily adapt the O.A.K. system to their own perfected system. This will bring a dramatic increase in power and in results.

The total beginner that has not read any books on magic will be able to achieve without any problems also. The ones that will have difficulty are those that have studied several traditions without mastering any of them.

This is not a serious difficulty because the energy will just flow into the earth’s astral planes until it is mastered. It is essentially the same thing as having a sex partner. Your development of the astral body will be delayed but it will eventually happen anyway.

It will happen because all phase-locked energy is accumulative. It does not mix with other astral energies. Since the earth’s astral plane will only hold a finite amount of energy at some point your phase-locked energy will be forced out of the astral planes if enough is accumulated.

At a critical point societies astral forces will aid your energy to become physical. This is because society needs more astral space and it tries to eject yours to make room for its own.

When astral contact is made with your soul mate a “resonant” circuit is created that has a tremendous “tank” current. With each astral contact the “tank” current becomes more powerful. Each lunar cycle brings a dramatic increase in the amount of power and sexual energy that is drawn into the astral planes. After this circuit is created a person would not need to daily add sexual energy into the astral. It would happen by itself during the lunar cycle. But it would take longer.

Once this process is begun it will continue until it is finished. In fact, this process will happen to every living thing on earth at some point because the astral energies at the highest and lowest points are being directed in such a way that soul mates will be drawn together and use each other as power sources.

The egregore of the new Eon is now active and supersedes all other egregores. At the highest and lowest levels it is no longer possible to tap into “non” soul mate energy. Magical traditions such as the Kabala will not work in the same manner as they once did because the egregore of the new Eon is now directing that energy before it reaches the kabalistic egregore. They will instead be drawing energy directly from soul mates. This will cause a dramatic activation of “black” energy throughout the world by a type of “instant” karma.

Efforts to help others will loosen the “black” energy and bring it into conscious awareness where it can be dealt with safely bringing increased positive energy to your soul mate.

Efforts to hurt others will instead hurt your soul mate and bring a like response in return. This means that in an ever increasing manner we will see increased violence among violent people and increased peace among peaceful people.

People will have the choice of confronting their repressed fears and anger by safely bringing them up into awareness or continue to repress them until they become physical reality. Either way a two-way flow of energy is beginning to flow between soul mates. This energy flow will gradually disentangle itself from everyone else’s energy and pull soul mates together by creating individual “resonant” circuits.

The O.A.K. system offers a safe and fast way to accomplish the purification of the mind and body and the reunion of true soul mates. It offers a way to greatly accelerate the inevitable changes that must take place as we enter into a new and glorious age.

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