Working With Magical Energy Part 3

This is also true with organizational or group Magical workings. The collective force of the group may think that it is shielding itself from this negative aspect but a cancer will start growing in the heart of the group itself even as it gets those physical things that it wants through Magical workings. Everything will outwardly appear as very positive and dynamic but inwardly the self-destructive seeds will be sown with inevitable results.

Typically, an established organization has a leader that as a Magus has perfected the causal link with physical reality and established an egregore for the organization. It is this person’s influence that allows the entire group or organization to think that it’s Magical workings are effective.

The leader is given Magical energy by the others and gains power and through the causal link gets physical results. As the others learn and master the leader’s technique their energy is returned to them and they personalize the leader’s technique to fit themselves as individuals.

Within these organizations all Magical energy is combined with Spirit energy within the egregore of the organization. This confines all of the energies so that none may escape and allows them to build up past the chaotic phase and become new types of energy. Still the dual nature of Magical energy remains and the student will be required to master many things that he or she would normally not do. They will also learn to give time and energy freely to create a void that will bring even greater things in return. These organizations will follow the positive methods of working with Magical energy.

To state this clearly, Magical work will always be dual in nature when performed by itself. Any physical event created in this manner will also create an opposite effect to balance it.

In contrast any Magical work combined with Spirit energies will resist becoming physical events until the Magus perfects a causal link between the Magical planes and physical reality. This type of Magical work without the causal link to physical reality is a type of inner work that can be very important to the process of spiritual development. Pure Magical work may create the illusion of working without the dual aspect but in reality it increases self-destructive potential.

Those that practice Magic in combination with Spirit energy often feel that true Magic is about personal inner growth and not about getting physical results. They feel that it is a spiritual thing and deals with helping others.

Pure “black” Magical work can best be seen in people that lie, cheat, steal, and harm others for personal gain. They think such measures work but lose their humanity in the process.

The best method is to become a Magus as quickly as possible and perfect the causal link with physical reality. In this way any rituals, spells, and charms will work as they are intended to. The methods given in this book will help anyone to achieve this. This achievement is not easily done and requires several years to accomplish. In the meantime much progress can be made directly through the three positive methods of working with Magical energy.

Magical energy is a combination of male and female astral energy. Too much male energy creates a destructive magical energy. Too much female energy creates a blockage or restriction. When the mix is perfectly half male and half female energy the magical energy can be molded easily into any shape or form desired.

Group magical energy shares the characteristics of all the people contributing to its formation. This means that you can shape it the way that you want but someone else from the group can go behind you and alter it the way that they want. Minor adjustments will be made by all group members until a common compromise shape is formed. This will then be the final shape the energy will take. It will have a dual aspect to it or a compromise quality.

Any astral creation or event that is not phase-locked with soul mate energy can be altered by someone else. Phase-locked magical energy can’t be tampered with by anyone else. This makes this type of magical energy highly desirable. Once astral events have been created by this phase-locked energy they will happen sometime in the future. They will happen to you and not any one else.

Unfortunately, sometime in the future means in your next future life! Phase-locked energies create events for your next life and not for this life. Opposites attract and like repels. These phase-locked energies repel from you and your soul mate because they are like you. They are you! The type of life’s events that you will attract are those that you don’t want because they are not like you.

Mystical and spiritual types recognize this and they “accept” the things that happen to them as past karma. They hope that living a “spiritual” life will create good karma for them in their next life. “Accept today’s blessings and be thankful for them. Live a good life and love each other. You will get your reward in heaven or in your next life!”

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