Working With Magical Energy Part 2

To ensure that your astral creations become physical reality the way you intend them to they must be created in the Spirit planes and then brought down into the Magical planes. This is done naturally within the lunar cycle. Astral activity in the Magical planes is restricted to those times between 1st Qtr. and 3rd Qtr. inclusive of the full moon. All dream activity and all normal astral activity during this time will naturally occur on the Magical planes. This astral activity sets up the coming physical events for the next month as projected short term events.

All normal astral activity between the 3rd Qtr. and the 1st Qtr. inclusive of the new moon occurs naturally within the Spirit planes and sets up long term physical events. When there is a match between a long term event in the Spirit planes and a short term event in the Magical planes that event becomes physical reality. This interaction between the Spirit planes and the Magical planes is the supreme controller of significant physical events in physical reality.

Simple astral activity on only the Magical planes will mutate to the point where you may get what you want and lose something that you need. It always has a negative element that accompanies it. You may get a raise and find that emergency expense comes up. The final result is always that you haven’t really gained or lost anything. You merely exchange one type of energy for another. Striving for positive things will tend to bring negative things toward you. Paradoxically striving for negative things will bring positive things toward you. This is why doing harm to others often brings positive rewards to those that do it.

In the same manner doing anything that you normally would not do will tend to bring rewards in terms of personal growth. Nature does not recognize good or evil but is instead interested in exploring all options that life has to offer. It rewards those that try new things and punishes those that seek security and sameness.

There are three methods of using simple astral activity on only the Magical plane to achieve positive results. One is through personal loss, when you lose something that you care about a void is created that will draw something toward you to replace it with.

The second is through giving something away that you care about. The principle is the same except that by voluntarily giving something away that you care about you may draw something even more valuable toward you. This is why the best gifts are when you give away something that you love. It will always be replaced with something of equal or greater value.

The third way is to deliberately do something that you would not normally do. This opens up new areas of personal growth and new opportunities. It also contains a certain degree of uncertainty and unpleasantness that goes along with it. This is why most people avoid this approach.

You can see that the Magical plane uses a type of reverse psychology that is difficult to adjust to. But if it is understood properly much personal growth can come out of it without doing harm to others. Only when used in conjunction with Spirit energy does Magical energy perform in a direct and creatively useful manner.

This is why working with straight Magical energy is called “black magic” and to be successful often leads to harmful activities towards others and abominable deeds. This type of work also involves doing fearful things and confronting those fears. It often involves perversions of the three positive methods of working with Magical energy listed above.

All Magical work involving rituals, spells, charms and the like will have a negative consequence to them that will return to haunt the magician unless the work is combined with Spirit energy or in accordance with the three positive techniques. The strongest magical circle may be thought to keep out these negative influences but it doesn’t really work.

What happens is that the negative influences are blocked out of conscious awareness and enter in through our blind spots as self destructive energies. To think otherwise is simply to deny the dual aspect of these Magical energies and increase the hidden self-destructive potential within ourselves.

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