The still small voice of conscience and the Christ spirit that dwells within each human heart is not philosophical, it is moral! It knows what is right for us and what is wrong for us individually. What is wrong for us might be right for someone else and what is right for someone else might be wrong for us. But we need to live and teach each other by example and trust in the goodness that lies within each of us.

Wisdom comes through life experience and often the troubles that we go through make us deeper and wiser. Nature and life itself tries all possibilities, both good and bad. It tries the good possibilities so that it can experience pleasures and it tries the bad possibilities so that it can develop a resistance to what is harmful and overcome it! If it didn’t explore the bad life would die!

Time after time we see how hardship and trouble brings people together. It is often the negative things in life that force us to rise above them and become greater than what we were. It is important to rise above our current conditions because we each have a high destiny to fulfill and duties to perform in this world to manifest heaven here on earth.

Humanity is at a great turning point and there is a tremendous opportunity to rise above the negativity that has enslaved humanity in the past. The path of the heart is the path of the future! Somebody has to show the way! Somebody has to go first! Let it be us! The conflicting duality of good and evil need to be replaced with the dual loving embrace of male and female.