Humanity only advances one step at a time. It is limited by how far the lower masses can rise. We are becoming more free all the time and life today has much more to offer the common person then life 200 years ago. Even though it sometimes doesn’t seem that way. Wise and true thoughts can move the lower masses to action. We need to help each other advance because we all belong to the same human race. We may be individuals, but individuals help other individuals! We need to be tolerant of other faiths and nationalities as well as gender, sexual orientation and physical characteristics. We are each unique and that’s a good thing! Win-win situations are possible!

Public opinion is an immense force that can be used for us or against us. In today’s society public opinion is used against the individual and against spirituality. Public opinion is used against the voice of conscience and the Christ spirit that dwells within each human heart. It doesn’t need to be that way! Religion and philosophy are simply disputes over the exact meanings of words and the limitations of language. The heart speaks a common tongue that all people understand. Everyone has the ability to understand the voice of conscience and the Christ Spirit within the human heart. Social injustice will eventually cause everyone to suffer.

We need to take a hard look at the dysfunctional and harmful things modern society supports and enables! Idealistic social theories do not dramatically improve individual lives. Social theories are mental constructs and mental projections. Physical life is organic with nothing mental about it at all! Let’s deal with physical realities, not theoretical ones!

Organic Gnosticism teaches that there is a deep wisdom in nature. One of these things is a sense of timing. There is a right time for things and a wrong time. It is important to celebrate the solar year and the cycles of nature when they are properly understood. This can work to our advantage. The wisdom hidden within nature represents the evolution of life over millennia. The wisdom hidden within our DNA is an untapped potential that will change our entire world! In nature all things are connected and there is a circle of life that must be respected. We need to learn respect for that circle of life! We need to understand how all things are connected!