Who Created The Universe

Joe Bandel
2 min readOct 18, 2017


Who created the universe? What is God like? How many angels can fit on the end of a pin? These are all meaningless infinite regression questions that cannot be answered because any reply only brings more questions.

What they do is keep people living in their heads and not involved in physical life or the present moment. That makes them easier to be manipulated and taken advantage of by those that do choose to live in the physical world. In today’s world people are deliberately encouraged to live in a world of fantasy, whether it’s in their heads, watching TV or playing computer games. Our attention is being diverted away from physical reality and that is a very dangerous situation!

How can we discover the infinite possibilities that exist for us within the present moment if we refuse to even be in the present moment? How can we achieve our dreams in life if we never wake up?

Why not simply state that God, the Supreme Creator or the Grand Architect of the Universe is beyond human comprehension! There is no way that our finite minds can comprehend the infinite. But there are things which we can comprehend and let’s turn our energy and discernment toward those things instead! Let’s turn our energies and discernment toward the achievement of our dreams!

Infinite regression questions only bring new questions and the only solution is to stop asking those kinds of questions! Once we realize that is the only way out of the trap we can become free! We have limited time and energy available and we don’t need to waste it pondering imponderables!