What Is Natural And What Is Taught

There is a great difference between those feelings and thoughts that arise in us naturally and spontaneously and those we are taught to feel and think. The feelings, thoughts, and emotions that arise spontaneously and naturally are organic and truly human in the deepest sense possible. Think of the feelings, thoughts and emotions expressed and experienced as a child, when you were a child. Which of them were natural and organic and which were taught? Shame and guilt are examples of things we were taught to feel and think about ourselves. Concepts such as God, immortality, freedom, humanity and justice are drilled into us from childhood and are not naturally aroused in an organic way, but taught to us as how we should think, feel and act! Take a few moments and really think about this. It’s hard to put into words exactly, but it’s very easy to recognize the thoughts, feelings and actions that have a natural organic source and those that we have been taught.

Often the things we have been taught affect us more profoundly and powerfully than those arising from natural organic sources. Why is that? Is that a good thing? Do we trust ourselves and our true natures or do we trust what we have been taught? There are no easy answers because only life experience can sort these things out for us.

Actually, we might even say that the more life experience we have, the more wisdom we have and the more we learn to trust our own process. As beginners we are more likely to trust the wisdom of our teachers and parents above our own limited life experience. But there exists a line, and when that line is crossed personal experience speaks for itself and no amount of external wisdom can disturb or destroy our hard-earned life lessons.

But that only happens as we gain life experience! Modern society is deliberately geared toward keeping us dependent upon external authorities in a way that severely limits our personal life experience. Have you ever noticed that our entire educational system is calculated to produce feelings of dependency upon us? Instead of teaching us to solve our own problems we are taught the proper authorities that we should go to.

Once we have been taught how to think, how to feel, and how to act we are considered adults with the expectation that we will think, feel and act in socially accepted ways, not spontaneous natural and organic ways! This is the meaning of education, that my mind or my soul resonates in harmony with others even if it doesn’t feel right to me personally. The things that we are taught are alien to us and not natural to us, therefore they are sacred. They are sacred because they are held beyond us, above us and require our submission and respect. They hold power and dominion over us! They prevent us from truly taking up our own power! It’s a very serious thing when we don’t take them seriously!