We Can’t Change By Ourselves

While carving out our individual destinies it might be wise to reflect upon our present circumstances. We are where we are right now because of our past actions and beliefs.

In many cases we have trapped ourselves in circumstances due to past actions and there is no way out except through the experience itself. There might not be a “magical” cure for our situation.

The universe has its own momentum and seeks to keep things the way it is. It tries to keep us right where we are, at least until the next critical point in time or crisis point when it is forced to change. Combine that with our own self-defeating behaviors and it is a wonder that we can carve anything at all.

There are several ways of working around these restrictions. The first is to develop our personal power through extreme effort on a daily basis and injecting that energy into the astral during the evening as we sleep. This is done by intense living. We will notice more vivid and empowering dreams. If we are not having at least three vivid and empowering dreams a week, we are not putting out enough energy to make any difference. If our dreams are frightening or indicate loss of power we are in even greater trouble.

This acts upon the principle that we can’t change without the help of external forces. If we could, we wouldn’t be where we are. We use the pressure of external forces to crack open the walls that imprisons us.

The ancient Egyptians would cut a shallow groove in limestone and pound a dry rope into the groove. Then they would add water and force the rope to expand and split the rock. We are the rope and the intense energy we create is the water that expands until the environment around us cracks.

The grand illusion is that we can change through our own efforts without the use of external supports or forces. It doesn’t work that way. We have the choice of picking the train we stand in front of, but it is the train that does the damage or makes the change, not us.

The astral layers expand and compress with the daily solar and lunar cycles. By injecting energy forcibly into the astral during the day our astral self inflates and takes up more astral space. As astral layers compress at night they work like a giant nutcracker break open areas in our lives by finding the weakest links.

The point is that if we are not getting results quickly enough, we are not generating enough energy or we are in the wrong program. We monitor results through our dream activity or the development of some special skill. Our personal development should be progressing at a pace we are satisfied with. We should be excited about the weekly gains and successes that we are experiencing. This is experiential and not theoretical. This is a branch of Tantrism.