It is the emotions that make life worth living! Without emotions life is very sterile. We live for emotional satisfaction and pleasure. The most familiar forms of this energy are joy, love, and excitement. With this energy we feel alive and vital in the most positive ways. The development of these emotional energies includes honor, pride and a sense of fairness.

This is the energy responsible for the enjoyment of the fine arts, music and nature. This emotional energy allows us to experience and feel the beauty of life in all its forms. It can fill us with profound feelings of bliss and satisfaction.

We develop this energy by taking risks, doing new things and being successful at them. This is the joy of winning and the joy of attainment. When we try something new and discover we like it our world expands and we feel free and joyous.

We create this energy by doing things we enjoy and love. Curiosity, pleasure seeking, sensuality, excitement and thrills all help to bring emotional richness. If we don’t do new things we can’t develop this energy properly. It is in the joy of discovery and going on exciting adventures that we rediscover our inner child. The world really is an exciting adventure and we never know what surprises await around the corner.

As children we had an abundance of this energy. As we grew older we forgot to do fun things and gradually lost the ability to treat life as an exciting adventure. Fortunately we have the ability to reclaim this excitement by doing things we love. We can relearn how to play!

We can tell when someone has developed this aspect of themselves because they radiate a love and enjoyment of life that everyone can sense. They make us feel alive and vital.They are fun to be around!

This is the magnetic charm and attraction of this energy when it is fully developed. We all want to be around this person because they are fun and we are boring. In social circles they are the life of the party and extremely popular. They laugh a lot and have a highly developed sense of humor. These people can show us how to enjoy life!