Turn Emotions Into Actions

Changing what you do is much more powerful than changing how you feel! Can’t break out of the emotional rut? Get out and do something. Fake it till you make it!

Talk to the experts and public speakers about getting psyched up before performances. Some run up to the stage and podium because it jump-starts them. Physical action is the key to getting through tough emotional times. Time after time the military has proven that when the brain shuts down the body goes on autopilot. It does what it has been trained to do.

Even more exciting, physical activity can bring unruly emotions back under control. When you are angry chop wood or go for a run and use up that excess emotional energy. It is a fuel that your physical body can take advantage of. Turn emotions into actions.

Take that anger and say “I won’t let this stop me!” Turn anger into grit and determination. Don’t let it slide into depression and apathy.

I can’t stress enough the importance of training your body to do what you want it to. Let’s use the example of brushing your teeth daily until it becomes a habit. The point is reached when you will not feel right about going to sleep if you haven’t brushed your teeth.

Habit will get you through the tough spots if your habits are constructive and well established. Your mind and emotions can be completely elsewhere and your body will carry on and get you through.

Bad habits will have just the opposite effect and stall any progress bringing your life to a screeching standstill. That’s when you slide into crippling depression and passive inactivity. There are always struggles and barriers. The choice is to continue putting forth physical effort and break through those barriers to achieve the goal.

In my own life making daily posts on the Internet has become a habit so strong it is easier to do it than not do it. These posts have become a comforting routine of steady accumulative effort. I no longer feel the need for extreme bursts of energized activity to get through the posting material. In the beginning I did.

I look forward to the 1 ½ or 2 hours I spend as a time of relaxation and work that I love. The habit of work is a comfort to me in times of stress. It feels good to see progress at the end of a day where the only good thing that came out of it was posting a new episode! For me, even a bad day is a good day in that respect.

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