True success in life demands multi dimensional living and a multidimensional awareness. As humans we have material, physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs that must all be integrated and balanced in one harmonious whole. We have a physical body that is male or female and we have an awareness that lives in the present moment and a soul that exists in both the past, present and future in a nonphysical reality.

It is the function of the self, the human ego or the soul to act as a bridge between the physical world and the nonphysical world. Human awareness and consciousness exists in the present moment but awareness and consciousness consists of much more than simple human awareness.

Our physical bodies and our soul are aware of much more than we are consciously able to recognize. A full 95% of communication consists of body language which we are not consciously aware of unless we are trained to recognize those things. Our minds miss most of it, miss the posture, the movements, the tone of voice and all the small things that give us away when we are trying to tell a lie. How can you be successful in life if you don’t know when somebody is telling the truth? How can you be successful in life when you don’t tell the truth?

Honesty recognizes honesty! Heart recognizes heart! Sincerity recognizes sincerity! Emotions recognize emotions! I could go on all day! But let’s get right to the heart of the matter. The heart of the matter is the heart! The still small voice of conscience and the Christ spirit dwells within our hearts. It is the heart that understands the physical body as well as the soul. The heart is the core of self-esteem and a strong sense of self. We need healthy self-esteem to feel worthy of pleasure, love, and happiness in life. We need to feel good about ourselves and who we are. We need to live in our hearts!

To put it simply, we need to start using the 95% of our intelligence that is available to us if we would only listen to it. Our bodies and our souls don’t lie to us! The organic Gnostic listens to their body and to their soul and trusts them. The soul and the body are so closely joined that they cannot be separated and after the death of this physical body our soul will be drawn to a new upgraded model of our choice!