Transition From Rational Atheist To Social Enforcer

The rational atheist believes exclusively in conscious awareness and the power of logic and reason. They let their imaginations run wild in explorations of all aspects of physical life and what could be. Anything and everything is possible. They are just beginning to unlock the secret powers of creative imagination. But this is a little deceptive.

Gradually the mental world is becoming more real than the physical world. There is a growing sense that nothing really matters and the cares and worries of the distant world become vague and unreal. This is the beginning of living in one’s head.

At this stage we are instinctively drawn toward abstract thoughts and spirituality. The spiritual life begins to seductively lure with promises of great treasures and rewards. More and more time is spent in mental pursuits until the entire day is caught up in this type of day dreaming activity. Material and worldly affairs suffer as well as relationships with family and friends. We weep bitterly at losing these things, but we have become addicted and continue living in our heads.

What we are trying to do is build a bridge of communication between our intuitive self and our objective consciousness. These mental pursuits are no longer as fun as they once were because we are acutely aware of the things that we are leaving behind in life and the cost is very high. Our mental studies take on a spirit of desperation and intense study as we try to build that bridge as quickly as possible.

We realize that we can only find our true path in life by tapping in to our intuitive self, the still small voice of conscience that speaks to us from within our hearts. We meet with failure after failure as one idea after another is tested for intuitive approval. Time and time again our intuitive self says no, this is not it! Little by little we learn about ourselves by discovering what is hidden in our blind spots.

Slowly but surely our intuitive self guides us on a voyage of self-discovery where the goal is not as important as the journey itself. Through trial and error we see our labors as a process of self unfoldment and self-expression. We are in a gradual process of evolution and constant change and so is the entire universe. It is through living and suffering that we learn wisdom.

We begin to see all parts of the universe working together as a big system and each individual’s part is very important. We see that there is a specific path or place for us to fill and we can sense the importance of it.

There is a dramatic change in viewpoint when this happens. We begin to think about being co-creators of the universe and masters of our own lives. As we strive to bring these intuitive insights into physical focus we put increased vigor and vitality into our studies.

We think about ideas and concepts without awareness of self or identity or ego. Form and formless merge into each other as we consider pure abstractions. Thoughts become things that have a life and awareness of their own. We can sense that the entire universe is alive in some way and aware of our efforts.

Our consciousness becomes an eye that can see where ever it chooses. We see both matter and spirit as valid realities. We become obsessed with the completion of the spiritual bridge between our intuitive self and our objective consciousness. Our intensity borders on the very edge of insanity and we are driven. At this point nothing else matters to us. We are driven by the seductive golden dream of what could be.