Too Many Souls Not Enough Bodies

Tonight we are going to talk about the soul. The creation of the soul and how there are too many souls and not enough bodies to go around! When self-awareness or the sense of self, the ego becomes stable enough and integrated to the point where it no longer identifies with the physical body, It is able to exist after the death of the physical body in a limited sense and that’s part of what we are going to talk about. That’s what the mystery schools discovered. That was the byproduct of the invention of reading and writing that I’ve mentioned in my last few posts.

Now this new born soul, watcher self or Observer self may identify itself as an individual soul, it may identify as part of a collective group soul or if it’s not strong enough it can still identify as a reincarnating ego or higher self that holds the fragments of the self together enough to go from lifetime to lifetime.

The soul needs a physical body or it will begin to fade away. It might exist for thousands of years, but it will gradually begin to fade away and return to the original photon state. The connection of awareness with the physical body creates a resonant circuit and it feeds the physical body which actually creates the soul and supports the soul. The soul in return supports the physical body. They create a circuit. They need each other.

Now there are not enough physical bodies in the universe for the number of souls that require them. That’s because there’s not enough life in the universe and that is why life is so sacred. It’s why earth is such a special place because there is so much abundance of life here on earth. We want to keep it that way! Life has evolved in other places in the universe and is still evolving but these places are finite and limited. Much life has been destroyed.

We share this world with our space brothers and sisters, alien souls that did not evolve on our planet, but evolved on other planets. Most of their home planets are now dead and do not have life upon them, and that’s part of the problem. Their home planets became lifeless when they ascended. Many of these souls did not understand the need for physical life, the need to have a physical body, the need for that reciprocal relationship and they allowed that life to die. There are so many of these life forms, these souls.

Now they tell us to leave our physical bodies as fast as we can. They say that eventually we must all return to Source from which we came. And this is what is really sinister, they tell us that over eons and over thousands of years our souls will gradually return to Source. But that return to Source actually means that our souls are going to dissolve into nothingness.

That’s not a good thing and that’s not what Source intends for us! But that’s what their message is. By evolving to the point of leaving the physical body behind they have scorned the importance of having a physical body and it is coming back to bite them.

There is one group of pre-existing souls that was present at the birth of our planet, and they have guided and directed the evolution of life upon this planet since the very beginning. They’ve been called the fallen angels, and they have been incarnated into all of the lifeforms that now exist on Gaia.

They’ve embodied the plant life. They’ve embodied the simple animal life. They’ve evolved along with every form of life present upon earth and acted as oversouls or guiding souls. But the simple life upon Gaia evolved as well and followed its own evolutionary process to the point where it became human. This simple life became human and did not have a strong enough sense of self, a strong enough sense of ego to be fully conscious and fully individual.

But they were beginning to and that’s the point when our space brothers and sisters came. When these primitive first humans began to gain the ability of self-awareness for the first time the alien souls of our space brothers and sisters began incarnating into physical bodies. For the first time these human bodies could support their own higher awareness.

I’ve talked about these two groups of humans that originated from our space brothers and sisters and they are alien souls. They are the rational atheists or collectivists that belong to a hive mind and to a group soul. They don’t have any concept or awareness of the spiritual or metaphysical side of things because it doesn’t exist for them, Their sense of identity is identified not with themselves, but as member of the group mind.

The other group of souls that began incarnating into primitive human bodies were what I call the social enforcers or traditionalists. They came in with individual souls and with a superior sense of self and strong ego. They dominated the weaker humans. They wanted to create a master slave relationship with these young humans and they did.

The more highly evolved group, the original fallen angels tried to minimize that effect as much as possible because they understood the importance and the sacredness of life.

But the social enforcers did not recognize the sacredness of life and their whole message was one of anti-life, death and destruction. Leave the physical body and go to the spirit world of heaven. Deny the physical body and the organic wisdom hidden deeply within the DNA.

Life was cheap with these people. And in today’s world there’s a war going on because this particular group of people is intent upon destroying the existing life upon this planet! That cannot be allowed to happen. In contrast, the other collectivist group of rational atheists are not that great either. At least they want to have life on this earth, and they want to have it in good terms.

The original fallen angels have an alliance with the collectivists even though it is not always in the best interests of the original simple folk, the people of heart, the people that are just developing their sense of self for the first time. Their new born souls also wish for life and for abundance and they don’t want to be caught up in this destructive thought, this destructive worship of death.

This anti-life self destructive cycle is currently trying to work itself out. We are in a battle for Gaia and for the survival of our souls.

Right now the anti-life forces really need to be identified so that they can be confronted and stopped.