Time To Roll Up Our Sleeves

Life and awareness require both a physical life and a spiritual life. The vital life force and awareness that flows through us are the result of a resonant circuit formed from equal parts of physical and spiritual material. Each side is equal in importance for life. Each world is valid and has its own laws. We do not need just one. We NEED BOTH!

The concept of reincarnation is valuable because it helps us realize the importance of a life of growth and learning from one life to the next. It helps us realize the situations we find ourselves in are the result of things we have done in the past. It tells us the things we run and hide from will still be waiting for us in a future lifetime. It tells us there is no escape from the consequences of our actions.

Our life situations are lessons we need in order to grow. We chose to experience these major lessons before we were born. The concept of reincarnation helps us become responsible for our physical actions on a day to day basis. If we do not treat others fairly we will someday be treated unfairly by others. In this way we realize what it is like to be treated unfairly. There are consequences to everything we do, both good consequences and bad consequences. These consequences are called karma. What goes around, comes around.

It is a tragedy that this concept of reincarnation is misused in a way that destroys the WILL TO LIVE within each of us. Many that believe in reincarnation also believe a point is reached when it is no longer needed to be born in a physical body. They believe we can learn all the lessons a physical body can give and earthly life can be outgrown with no more to offer.

They believe someday we will live in a spiritual world and have a spiritual body. THEY NO LONGER IDENTIFY WITH THE PHYSICAL WORLD. IT IS NO LONGER IMPORTANT!

Traditional Christianity has led the human race to the bring of death and extinction. Traditional Christianity teaches if we believe in the teachings of Jesus and accept him as the Christ spirit within our heart we will be saved. We will have a spiritual body and reign with him in heaven, a non-physical place. THEY NO LONGER IDENTIFY WITH THE PHYSICAL WORLD. IT IS NO LONGER IMPORTANT TO THEM.

By over valuing the spiritual body and awareness we lose contact with our own WILL TO LIVE and are less effective in our physical lives. In my opinion there is only one way for us to regain our WILL TO LIVE .

Believe with conviction that physical life and a physical body are as much a requirement as spiritual life and a spiritual body. Believe they are equal in value, that awareness and life itself demands both a physical body and a spiritual body. Believe with conviction that a billion years from now we will still require both a physical body and a spiritual body. Our immortal soul will be living in a physical human body.

Believe that if we want a world of peace, love and beauty we must somehow fashion it out of the one we physically live in. If we want to live in heaven and reign with Jesus we must create heaven right here in the physical world. Accept the Christ spirit into our physical hearts every day of the week and by our actions show what type of spiritual being we are. See the Christ that is within each one of us. We are all the sons and daughters of the Gods.

Work with the materials in front of us and use them to form the materials that will achieve our goals. Find a way to bring our visions of a spiritual life into practical and livable physical reality.

Develop strong emotions about the beauty of the world we live in. God/dess created the world and it was good! God/dess looked at creation and it was good! God/dess created man and woman in his image and they were good! The Kingdom of Heaven is here and now. It is right before us and it is good.

Physically act and do those things needed to bring the Kingdom of God/dess into physical reality. Physically and emotionally struggle and master our own lives. By example we can inspire others to take responsibility for their own lives. We can turn our physical world into the heaven God/dess intended it to be.

Only this belief will give us the will power to roll up our sleeves and do the physical WORK needed to achieve mastery of our physical lives and world. To make our world a heaven and not a hell we need THE WILL TO LIVE.