There Is A Sickness In The World

The highest cause is the happiness and well-being of the individual. When I am happy and in good health I am in a position to offer the most to those I love, to my neighbors and to my country. I have a surplus of energy and well-being that overflows into the entire universe.

My success is an inspiration for others to follow their own dreams and manifest them by achieving results through their own focused effort. Out of strength I am able to carry others in times of weakness until they can get on their own feet once more.

I am inspired by the successes of others knowing that if they can do it so can I. Seeing others be successful helps me to try harder and not give up.

If each individual looked out for their own best interests and applied themselves in a realistic and productive manner they would be able to find their own happiness. By nature each individual is trying to do the best they can to get through life or else they are trying to destroy it. Each individual is seeking happiness and positive self-esteem or they are seeking a way to die.

I never believed people could really be self-destructive until a few years ago. Some people have reached the point where they believe the only solution is to let things die, to let things fall apart and hit bottom. Letting things die, letting things hit bottom and fall apart is needed sometimes in life. But it usually comes when something is artificially kept alive long after nature intended it to be gone. This includes relationships as well as financial and health issues.

Like tooth decay the solution is to drill out the rot and fill in the cavity, not let all the rest of your teeth decay as well. People that are trying to die or end things are in the process of going down and they will try taking as many down with them as possible. When you try to save them they will work against you because they want to hit bottom. They need to hit bottom.

It is morally wrong to force these people into conforming against their will. It is morally wrong to try saving someone that doesn’t want to be saved, someone that is not willing to put out effort. The willingness to put out effort is the key. Save those that are trying and let those that are not trying go. In the long run it is the kindest thing you can do for them.

It is morally wrong to encourage someone to give their time, energy and money to an altruistic higher cause in the name of self-sacrifice. Why should I? Or what is in it for me? Are entirely ethical questions that need to be asked.

There is a sickness in our world that insists sacrifice is a virtue, altruism is a good, pride is a sin, and obedience to authority is an obligation. There is a sickness in this world that will try all means available to get us to turn away from what we are meant to do and waste our time, energy, money and health doing something that goes against our own true will. These sick people will tell us that there are more important things to do, higher and more noble things to devote our time and energy to and they will tell us what those things are.

It will involve trying to help those that don’t want to be helped and involve placing energy and resources where they will be drained away and wasted. Isn’t this the intention behind much current legislation? Well-intentioned legislation is thwarted in real life because people that don’t want to be helped find loopholes and ways to get around the laws. This happens while the law-abiding citizens take on the added burden and lose their own personal rights and freedom.

We must constantly affirm and realize that by doing our true will, we are doing what the cosmic intends for us to do and in fulfilling our personal destiny we are at the same time doing the most in our power to make our world a better place to live in. At the same time we are setting healthy examples for others to follow. We can only know our own true will by uncompromising loyalty to our own inner authority, the still small voice of our heart and conscience. Living by example is the highest gift we can give.