Acquiring the will to live is an important step toward self-empowerment and mastery of our physical lives. Not everyone has it. How can we achieve this strength of will? There is an instinct or primal will to live deep within each of us. It is the collective will of the human species to survive into the future, to grow and expand.

We are a part of the human race and there is within us something that wishes the human race to physically survive. There is something that wants the human race to be alive billions of years into the future when our sun goes nova and dies out.

There is within us something that wants the human race to expand beyond planet earth, to explore the stars and other galaxies. Something that wants humanity to build miraculous cities beneath the oceans and on top of the highest mountains. Something that wants us to go ever onward in the face of overwhelming opposition.

There is something within us that delights in healthy bodies with fine athletic ability. Something that delights in competence, problem solving and new challenges. Something that wants the human race to take the next evolutionary step toward physical perfection.

That something is the WILL TO LIVE. Why is this will to live so strong in some people and weak in others? When confronted with obstacles and strong adversities why do so many people give up? More important why do those few not give up?

Most of us have learned we are more than physical bodies, we have a soul or astral body and awareness. We have learned to value our “spiritual” selves over our “physical” selves and been taught that physical life is not spiritual life.

Spiritual and mental pursuits are what have become important in our society. Even watching football or basketball on television is a passive pursuit! It isn’t a physical one. Has anyone ever thought it strange that people become more emotional about watching sports than actually playing sports? Perhaps the only way some people can become emotional in today’s world is by watching someone else do something.

We have become a society of “watchers” and not “doers”. Our sense of personal responsibility has been lost. We allow the few “doers” to dominate and control our lives. Because we have no “self discipline” we submit to “external discipline”. Rules and regulations are constantly eroding our personal freedoms while we say and do nothing. Each new law places a restriction on our lives that was not there before.