The Temple Of One

In the beginning the two groups of alien souls or space brothers and sisters incarnated into physical bodies. They had a strong disadvantage because they did not have a soul connection to Gaia and physical manifesting was not very easy so they allied themselves with the original Gaia inhabitants.

The dynamics of that was interesting because on the one hand there were the rational atheists. They had a strong group soul which they came in with, The other ones, the social enforcers or traditionalists had a strong sense of self and of the immortality of the soul and the spirit world. The spirit worlds were very real for them and the original Gaia inhabitants were just in the beginning stages of developing their own awareness of these things so they were very susceptible to outside influence.

So the native Gaia inhabitants were true organic Gnostics and throughout history, every place you see the hidden teachings of Gnosticism and Tantric sexuality and how they are involved in the development of the soul it refers to them. These things involve love relationships between males and females and the equality of the sexes that goes back to the original inhabitants of Gaia,

Things that go back to the rational atheist point of view are the importance of logic and reason, science and sacrificing of the individual for community and for greater purposes.
The downside is that a machine has no soul and it has no heart and these humans didn’t have a soul and didn’t have a heart in the sense that the original Gaia inhabitants had and so to them the spiritual side of life did not exist. It had no meaning. Everything was mechanical like a machine.

Now the social enforcers or traditionalists knew all about spirituality. They taught the immortality of the soul and how important the heart and the soul was in life, but they were so impassioned by the non-physical realms that they hated physical life and sexuality. They taught to focus on the spiritual and deny the physical side of life.

What they didn’t say is that ultimately the soul and the physical body need each other. That they create a resonant circuit and what else they didn’t say was that the soul by itself, will fade back into nothingness if it does not incarnate back into a physical body to replenish itself.

In both of these two groups there were developed souls that were coming into physical bodies to strengthen and develop their own souls. But they were also working with and in cooperation with the original Gaia inhabitants because the original Gaia inhabitants had the power to draw the fire down from heaven and to physically manifest things. Both groups needed the original Gaia inhabitants abilities to manifest things physically.

It’s important to get an idea of this and how they formed the first mystery schools. I guess you could say the first religion. It was called the Temple of One because everything was in unity. Everything was united and there was a place for each group of humans.

We first see this in the Egyptian Book of the Dead which talks about the three gates that exist for the soul as it transitions from physical life through death and back to some other body. Centuries later we see this reflected once again in the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

The three gates, one for each of these groups and the highest gate, the gate of the individual soul was reserved for the original Gaia inhabitants. The second gate, where the soul upon death was greeted by a Messiah figure or teacher was relegated to the rational atheists. This was a collective because they belonged to a collective soul and that’s where they found their sense of self and would come back from there. The third gate was for the social enforcers or the traditionalists. They found themselves at a doorway or portal where they encountered their reincarnating ego or higher self who directed them to their next body and helped with an overview of the past life.

In the beginning these were all recognized and they were all held together. I first ran across the temple of One when reading about Atlantis. We don’t have any record in the physical world of Atlantis existing and the best we can do is the Minoan civilization of Crete. For all practical purposes, we can say that Crete and the Minoan civilization, represented Atlantis.

It was destroyed by earthquake and flood and in it lived the highest expression of physical life which included the arts, the sciences and the spiritual. It included equality of men and women as well, so there’s nothing wrong with saying that Crete could have been the true island of Atlantis of legend.

And it had the Temple of One. These three groups were able to meet together and live in harmony with each offering their strengths to the others.

But with the destruction of Crete this all changed. We see some of that happening and the survivors going into Egypt. The Egyptian Book of the Dead had some reflections of life similar to what we see in monotheism, Zoroastrianism and other religious concepts,

But basically this is when everything started to fall apart and these two groups which were working in harmony with the original Gaia inhabitants began to work against each other and work against the original Gaia inhabitants.

We see in our modern world how firmly logic and reason and the sciences deny any aspect of the spirit and any aspect of religion.

On the other hand we see how religion and the church has totally denied any importance of physical life, the importance of human sexuality and love relationships. It has focused exclusively or almost exclusively upon the afterlife.

By doing these things both of these groups have tried to disenfranchise the original Gaia inhabitants by feeding them narratives that encourage dependence upon their own group. They have tried to trick the original Gaia inhabitants into turning over their own power to external authorities.