The Suggestive Universe

Before I get down into working with magic energies I would like to share this most important concept. The universe is suggestive and tends to do what is expected. What you expect to find has a greater possibility than what you don’t expect.

Physicists are finding that their own expectations seem to influence what happens on the subatomic level.

People are very suggestive and tend to comply with what other people ask unless they have a good reason not to. There is a natural instinct to comply with external authorities. This is survivalist in nature. “Do what you are told or else”.

The Rosicrucians teach that you may petition the Cosmic and it will respond as long as what you ask for is 51% unselfish. That means it will benefit others just as much or a little more than it will benefit you.

Where does all this leave us? In all magic work it is very important to have a strong and vivid image of what you desire. Even more importantly you need to ask for it! You need to ask the Cosmic and you need to ask people. If you are not letting others know what you want how can they let you have it or give it to you?

It is good magic practice every day to clearly state what you want and let people know why it is in their own best interests as well. If you do this deliberately every day it will become a habit and the results will begin to flow toward you magicly!

I’ve seen the greatest results in my marriage. By clearly expressing things to my spouse there is greater understanding and greater mutual support. It helps her to understand me better and I listen to what she wants and gain a greater understanding of what is important to her.

It feels good to know what is important to someone else and be able to do that for them.

Think back over what happened yesterday. Did you specifically ask in prayer or meditation for something you desired? If you didn’t why not? Your intuition can guide you to find the opportunities that seek but you need to listen to it.

Did you specifically state to someone else just what you wanted or did you let a tangled communication slide and not bother making it right? Every time we allow this someone walks away with a wrong understanding of us and what we want.

The last part of this message is about listening to the feedback we are getting from both the universe and from other people. If the universe and other people are saying “no, I’m not going to let you have that” we need to understand why.

There are areas in our lives that are “cursed”. We repel what we want no matter how hard we try. The only way to break that curse is through old fashioned competency and doing things the hard way.

The needed actions come out of our blind spots and the only way to progress is through trial and error. There are lots of errors because we instinctively choose the wrong things and do the wrong things. This can’t go on forever though. If we learn from our mistakes we gradually figure out what we are doing wrong and make corrections. This means becoming more realistic.

Just remember the brick wall manifests when we are going in the wrong direction even if we are convinced it is the right direction. Perhaps the need is to go around some obstacle that is in the way and not through it.

The greatest magic empowerment comes from changing curses into blessings. At the same time it is important to take a rest from the fight once in awhile and smell the roses in your garden. Don’t forget the areas in your life that are blessed. They are more than willing to cooperate with you. They will give you the peace to remain centered and to continue.

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