The Spiritual Planes And The Magical Planes

When we consider everything that exists is a photon driven energy systems which is evolving it means human awareness as well.

When we consider the organizing intelligence contained within the cell which remains unconnected to the physical matter that is passed into it and passed out of it we understand that life has evolved beyond the point of being completely dependent upon molecular compound energy. Something exists independently in the astral as life energy and guiding intelligence.

Entering the astral is at first dependent on the energy produced through the breaking of compound molecules through digestion and the stresses of physical existence. A point is reached where existence within the astral is sustained directly through a connection with the original photon driven energy system that first created it. This something exists within the astral in combination with a solid earth connection through our physical body and includes all 118 elements within the DNA.

When the evolutionary force reached the 118th element and couldn’t go any farther it began backing up and entered the astral as the life force. It is the life force that first organized as bion’s.

This cellular intelligence and organizing principle has been called the life force, the id, the shadow, the power animal, Gaia and Lucifer.

The evolutionary forces have formed this life force into a secondary personality which exists within each one of us as an alien entity. This life force and organizing intelligence passes from living organism to living organism if possible.

Consider that every living thing has been created from some other living thing. No living thing has been created out of something dead. The life force has adapted in many ways to ensure the continuity of life on planet Earth. Life begets life and so it must be!

The death of cellular life created memory traces within the astral or blueprints that created that recorded past life patterns through time. As those dying energy pulses returned to source they became free to enter life once more. This time they were able to choose the type of life they wanted to live and reexperience.

Reentering a previously lived life meant there was a preordained destiny to follow but all also meant the ability to improve upon that individual life and make it more successful. These astral memory traces formed around living organisms and species as group souls. They also formed around the entire earth as ecosystems creating a delicate balance within all living things.

These memory traces have been called destiny, the astral, egregores, the collective, our ancestors, the superego, the divine plan and the holy guardian angel. They represent how things will be in the future because they are the memories of how things have always been before.

We call this organizing intelligence our holy guardian angel and it forms a secondary personality within each one of us distinct from our shadow aspect. It is also alien to our normal ego and is archetypal in nature. It is the ghost future of our life as it exists before our own pulse of awareness encounters it. We only own the present moment!

The shadow aspect of life energy forms around the 118th element at our root chakra. The collective or higher self forms around the earth as the memory traces of previous living systems. History tries to repeat those patterns which existed in the past. We as pulses of awareness choose to reenter previous lifetimes and work within those conditions to bring about change in ourselves and in the expansion of our lives into the universe.

We call that pulse of awareness the normal human ego. With human life we find that our awareness is able to travel in three possible worlds. Ordinary consciousness is associated as our pulse of awareness radiates outward into the present moment. This is our awareness of physical reality.

In dreams or meditation we use energy generated during the day to enter into the underworld of the shadow or the spiritual worlds to explore the possible future as it currently exists. We call these the spiritual planes and the magical planes.

The spiritual planes and magical planes encircle the earth in 118 layers with the element hydrogen creating the outermost layer. Our awareness travels through astral cords or magnetic flux lines to explore these memory traces of what is meant to happen in the future.

At the earth’s core the element 118 has seven electron rings and 118 electrons. The astral planes above the equator have a north magnetic quality and are called the spiritual and the astral planes. The astral planes below the equator have a south pole magnetic quality and have been called the demonic or qlippothic planes. The molecules of element 118 within our DNA are linked to the earth’s core and our awareness at times travels the seven underworlds created within the astral plane of the118th element. These have been termed the magical planes, the underworld and the seven Hells. For something to physically exist it must exist in both the spiritual planes and the magical planes. It must have a balance of north and south pole magnetic energies to hold it stable and permanent.



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