I swayed as a wave of light swept over me and lifted me into an altered state. I had just finished a self initiation from one of my weekly Rosicrucian Monographs. The energy in my living room was incredible. I had never felt anything like it. My hair felt like static electricity was every where.

Slowly I opened my eyes. They were drawn to the center of the living room. A seated figure was floating about three feet off the ground. He was dressed in a robe and his aura radiated love and authority. He didn’t say anything but the message was clear. You have done well, you have earned this visit.

I didn’t believe what my eyes were seeing and carefully moved around the floating figure viewing it from every direction. It did not vanish or go away. It was very real. It lasted for an hour before fading away.

That is what the Rosicrucians were to me, very real. One of the things they taught was that humanity shared a single soul. We are all part of the same soul. We are all part of each other. The Collective Soul of humanity is very real and very powerful.

It has been known by many names. Ancients called the soul of humanity “Adam” or “Adam” and “Eve”. The “God” and “Goddess” are the guiding intelligences of the human race. They are very much human and very real. “Adam” is the male portion of the human soul and “Eve” is the female portion.

In their combined form they are simply termed “The Collective”, “Cosmic Consciousness” or “Cosmic Awareness”. To contact these divine intelligences is to achieve “Christ Consciousness”. This has always been the goal of mystics around the world. The Rosicrucians were just one school of thought but they were very real.

There are many schools that are real and each person will be drawn to the school that is right for them. OAK is such a school and will attract souls in harmony with its concepts and practices. Each must trust their hearts and instincts in this.

We share a common soul but like the human body there are many different systems. In the human body the circulatory system is different from the digestive system. The respiratory system is different from the nervous system. This is a metaphor that tries to show how belief systems can be radically different yet still valid in the greatest context.

Each system of thought, each school has a magic power or current that flows through it and through all individual members that belong to it. This current is real, this magic power is real. You can feel it when you come in contact with it.

Walking a solitary path is not valid in this sense. There are only a small handful of mystics and magicians capable of “bringing fire from Heaven” and tapping into the raw power of the cosmic. Even they need initiation into a valid school for early training and soul development. This training allows them to reach out even further to the Source. Everyone else needs initiation into a magic current of collective energy. This is done through membership in a valid school.

I was drawn to the Rosicrucian current and initiated into it at the age of eighteen. This was followed by later initiations into the Traditional Martinist Order, York Rite of Freemasonry and Ordo Templi Orientis.

It was the Rosicrucians that helped me in my journey across the Great Abyss. OAK is the “fire” that has been entrusted to me. It is the gift I have been given to share. OAK is a valid magic and mystical school. Its initiations are real and empowering. They bring a person in contact with the energy of the new eon that is now surging through this world.

You will know in your heart if this energy is compatible with the energy of your own soul. You will know if this knowledge is what you are seeking. The attraction or repulsion will be very real and very strong. Take a few minutes to reflect upon your own reaction to these words and sense their rightness or wrongness for you.

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