In my last post we have seen how the rational atheist ultimately self-destructed as the mind began to identify more closely with spirit than with physical reality. This was known as the birth of the true self or human ego or in psychological terms the creation of the Observer self or watcher. Over the last 2000 years a similar thing has happened to those spiritually oriented souls which I call social enforcers.

In the beginning social enforcers were simply trying to prove the existence of nonphysical awareness, the immortal soul. They denied the world, denied the pleasures of the body, and gave their lives in martyrdom for their belief of continued existence after the death of the physical body. Again this process happened in stages with the mind forging ahead and the heart lagging behind. Long before the Reformation people argued about how many angels could fit on the end of a pin and other imponderables. This was the beginning of people living in their heads.

But things really began to get serious during the Reformation of the church and the rise of Protestantism. Faith and doctrine took precedence over the wisdom of the heart and the heart became empty and incapable of emotional or earthly love. It became possible to kill and persecute other humans in the name of God to save their souls from eternal damnation! What kind of love is that? It is a spiritual love that exists only in the spirit and only in the head! The heart is completely empty!

In today’s modern society this hardening of the heart has reached such an extreme that video games and television shows have become more real to us then warmhearted and kind human social exchanges! We are forced to admit that spirit has led us astray because it has made our lives and our souls empty! Freedom of the spirit and the soul has become escape from life! And the only thing that remains is seductive retreat into fantasy.

But spirit is not capable of destroying the physical world even though it would like to. It knows and recognizes nothing except the spiritual, the nonphysical and has a perpetual longing to spiritualize the world, to convert the world into spirit. So the social enforcer continues on with their plans for the redemption and salvation of the world.