The Shock Absorber Method

In reading through Pavel Tsatsouline’s books on flexibility and health I was struck by a powerful integration! He claimed we already have all the muscles we need but we only use 5 or 10% of what is available to us. Does that sound familiar?

He goes on to say the mother that lifts the car to save the life of her baby is not doing it through emotional strength or magical levitation. She is simply using all of her muscle strength. Apparently only 5 or 10% of the muscles we use have nerves firing at any given time. The trick is to get the nerves firing on the other 90 to 95%!

The Russian kettle bell exercises do this through the process of ballistic shock. The entire body absorbs the shock during a kettle bell workout and by spreading the impact throughout the body helps more of the nerves to fire. In my opinion this is why kettle bells are so effective

If we apply the same concept to our mind and thought processes it’s pretty clear that the analogy still holds true. If we want to use more of our mental ability we need to fire those nerves through some form of ballistic shock. Perhaps it might be the exposure to a radical new idea. This shock absorber method is unique in that just a few shocks a day gets better results than a steady grind. The trick is to get more nerves to fire and then let them rest and recuperate till the next time

We can apply this concept to all the energies generated by the physical body. Living intensely means to create spikes or shocks throughout the day with each of the energies. This involves planning and living a balanced life that has a bit of everything in it

What happens is that the physical body becomes filled to overflowing with energy and can no longer contain all the energy. The energy is then released into the astral through one of the bodies energy centers or chakras. We can feel the energy released when it happens

In athletics this is called getting the second wind. But we can experience it with all of the other energies generated by the physical body.