The Shadow And The Holy Guardian Angel

There are 118 elements found in nature and each one has its own special energy and represents a particular sensory input in the nonphysical world.

The spiritual planes are the innermost electron rings which are formed from the energies of hydrogen and helium. There are two electrons or bits of awareness that complete this inner shell and form this archetypal astral body. This is the level of the holy guardian angel.

The second electron ring with eight elements or energies consists of the abstract mental planes and involves philosophical thought.

The concrete mental planes make up the third electron ring with again eight elements or bits of awareness which complete this series of mental energies.

The fourth electron ring with 18 elements or bits of awareness creates the upper emotional planes with high level emotional energies.

The lower emotional planes are created from the fifth electron ring energies with another 18 elements or bits of awareness which complete this group of lower emotional energies.

The Etheric planes are found within the sixth electron ring and consist of 32 elements or bits of awareness which complete this series of physical sensory energy.

The last and outermost electron ring with 32 elements or energies and bits of awareness completes this series of subconscious sensory energies. This is the level of the Etheric double or shadow.

These seven rings or shells create the seven astral planes or worlds which surround the earth, the seven astral bodies which surround the physical body and represent a total of 118 types of sensory awareness or bits of awareness. These are divided into spiritual, mental, emotional and physical sensations that we can be aware of. Occult literature terms these energies fire for spiritual, air for mental, water for emotional and earth for physical.

The shadow and holy guardian angel both exist as separate intelligences. They are fully activated astral bodies which act on their own accord as independent entities alien to our normal waking awareness. We perceive them not as us but separate from us until we actually integrate them. The process of integrating the holy guardian angel and the shadow is the great work of alchemical literature. They are both actually secondary personalities.

The holy guardian angel and the shadow are separated from us by two great abysses. There is a higher abyss which separates us from our holy guardian angel and a lower abyss which separates us from our shadow. These two intelligences have been stylized in cartoons as an angel that sits on one shoulder and a devil that sits on the other whispering into our ears. Classically each is in a struggle to win our soul or normal awareness.

The holy guardian angel has an astral body created out of only two bits of awareness and is archetypal in nature. There is only a human shaped body created out of light. We can also call this our higher self. This astral body feels very much like a human shaped balloon and does not have physical, emotional, or even mental characteristics. What it does have is a self-evident perception of the entire universe and our place within it. This intelligence knows what is true and what is not true. The integration of our holy guardian angel gives us cosmic consciousness or Christ consciousness. It is associated with the still small voice of our conscience.

The shadow has an astral body created out of 32 bits of sensory awareness and is rich and sensual in nature. It forms both our subconscious awareness and our Etheric double or evil twin. This intelligence keeps our physical body alive anyway it can. It is this astral body which manifests physical results. When we integrate this astral body would gain the magical power to physically manifest things in our lives.

Until we cross the upper or lower abyss we remain ruled by our false ego. Our false ego is our sense of self and life separate from the holy guardian angel and the shadow. The true human ego occurs only with the integration of both the holy guardian angel and the shadow.