The rational atheist, social enforcer and organic Gnostic all have very different views about sexuality and sex. Only the survivalist doesn’t really have a view and is just driven by organic needs and instinctive impulses which they don’t understand and are hardly aware of.

The rational atheist does not believe in the soul or nonphysical planes of existence. The only believe in physical reality which in this case means physical sex and physical sensuality. This highly objective viewpoint honors family but it also recognizes sex and sexuality as pleasures to be enjoyed in this one and only physical lifetime. This for fun only viewpoint cheapens sex and sexuality to the point where it becomes a commodity to be traded and sold. Ultimately this viewpoint is degrading and leads to loss of self-esteem in both men and women. There is no recognition of the sacred in the sharing of souls that happens in the true exploration of sex and sexuality between loving partners.

The social enforcer has a moralized and religious view of sex and sexuality that is so full of contradictions and guilt that it makes true romantic love all but impossible. Sex is for purposes of procreation only. This subconscious guilt about sex and sexuality is so pervasive that it often comes out in twisted and perverted ways. This guilt and anxiety destroy self-esteem and encourages unfair or criminal activities where innocent people become victims of sexual crimes. The social enforcer does not openly recognize and integrate their own sexuality and their own physical needs for sex. They believe that sex and sexuality is the doorway to hell and damnation. They do not recognize this physical existence or the needs of their physical bodies.

It is only the organic Gnostic that recognizes the sacredness of sex and sexuality in its Tantric role as the creator and developer of the soul itself! The organic Gnostic recognizes that sex and sexuality is not only physical, but emotional, mental and spiritual and that the exchange of these energies in a love relationship cause each soul to develop and blossom in power and strength. It creates healthy self-esteem for both partners and long-lasting pleasure in life. The organic Gnostic recognizes sex and sexuality as one of the most beautiful things that life on earth has to give! The creation and development of the immortal soul!