The Sacred Virgin And The Tantrika

Joe Bandel
2 min readNov 21, 2017


Organic Gnosticism derives from the original “path of woman” and was created for the male. That much is certain. I can only speculate about the path of the female, but I have been given insight into some things that touch upon magical practice. The Sacred Virgin and the Tantrika is one of them.

In magical practice it is the female that uses male energy mixed with her own energy to create observer selves for both of them, time lines for both of them and the etheric pattern of their entire world at the level of her particular energy. It has long been known that a magician needed to find a female partner capable of manifesting magic in a physical way. Such a female was highly treasured and very few females are at this level of the Tantrika or Diva. These females often worked with several male partners and were teachers to many. They had no need to be virgins. Their normal energy level was the lowest level of sexual orgasm energy.

Now in my personal experience I’ve been drawn into cycles with various females that created observer selves or astral bodies, timelines and worlds from out of each chakra center or energy. None of them were virgins and most were platonic relationships. These cycles didn’t include or require physical sexual relationships. But I worked these cycles developing the crown chakra, the third eye chakra, the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the spleen chakra and the root chakra before experiencing the final Divine Counterpart cycle of the sexual orgasm energy of the testes/ovaries chakra and this also was non physical in nature.

The point is that each of these women were masters of a certain energy and that energy was what I needed to work with. They were not able to work the lowest energy with other males except for one, the one to whom they lost their virginity!

Every female can work the lowest sexual orgasm energy with one male, the one she loses her virginity to. This is the riddle of the Sacred Virgin and why she was treasured for her magic in magical circles. With all other males she works the energy of her own specialty or mastery and is not able to manifest physically through the magic of sexual orgasm energy. Her magic is of a higher type.