The Sacred And The Profane

No matter who we are there are things that we consider sacred and there are things that we consider profane. This is a difficult subject because truth has been distorted so badly that most of the time it is not even recognized. There are people that are quick to say that everything is relative, that there is no good or evil in this world except for the values that we place upon them. In other words they say that good and evil is relative to each individual and might change from one person to the next.

I would like to share that I believe in the healthy individual, healthy self-esteem and that a healthy human ego is needed to be mentally emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy. However, I disagree with modern psychology in its conclusion that the Shadow and Higher Self are normal parts of the human psyche. I believe they are both secondary personalities that need to be neutralized and absorbed into the normal human ego.

When we think of the Higher Self we think of spiritual things and sacred things, but most of all we think of highly desired spiritual things that we do not believe exist inside of us. We wish that we had them, but we feel that we don’t. Because of this these higher spiritual things remain forever out of reach and unattainable to us. What is really happening is that distortion and unrealistic thinking in our perception of the world cause us to believe in something that really doesn’t exist in the way that we think it does. How many times in life have we finally reached a goal that was very important to us, only to realize that it wasn’t really what we had thought it would be? In this way the Higher Self is a lie that deludes us and seeks to hold itself above us so that we may submit to it and spend our lives in service to and chasing after these higher spiritual truths.

What I’m trying to say is that good does exist inside of us. The divine does exist inside of us. And if we can find these things inside of us we can take possession of them and our lives will become richer and so will the lives of others because we will recognize those things in others as well. Instead of having unrealistic expectations of ourselves and of others we need to have realistic, healthy, and human expectations!

Something similar might be said of the Shadow as well. There are things in this world that are twisted, sick, perverted and evil. I will not deny that. But what I am saying is that the Shadow contains those things which we do find inside of us and try to repell in horror and disgust. Once more it is the distortion and unrealistic thinking and expectation that causes harm. We confront our anger or our sexuality, things that are healthy and human and instead of owning them and accepting them we think that anger is bad and that sexuality is bad so we twist them and repress them until they come out in twisted and perverted ways. We do not recognize what is healthy and what is human as good because we have been taught to hate our own humanity and focus exclusively on the spiritual which we consider good. Our Shadow is only trying to protect us and help us to fulfill our needs in life.

The more we try to become like God the more a part of us becomes like Satan! The more we try to be human, the more human we become! The more human we become, the more human others become as well.