The Philosopher’s Stone

After a person has crossed the great abyss and merged their soul and consciousness with the Godhead they are released! They are filled with the light and energy of the Godhead and the time comes for them to return back to ordinary physical existence bringing that light and energy back down to earth with them. They learn that outer reality is intimately connected to inner reality. They have achieved real wisdom and gained recognition of their own level of achievement and mastery in life. They have integrated their own spiritual nature and now they need to integrate their shadow aspect.

They become the legendary philosopher’s stone which transmutes all that come in contact with it. They become a circle whose center is nowhere and whose circumference is everywhere. They are who or whatever they choose to identify with. They learn to consciously control self at all levels of existence. They become multidimensional and reawaken their emotions and their physical bodies. They regain control over their surroundings and pursue their true purpose in life for the very first time.

Like the artist that is completely free to paint whatever they choose, these people can do whatever they choose in life as long as they allow others the same freedom. Life becomes a true joy and an expression of self through all levels of existence.

Their duty and purpose in life is to just be themselves. By doing this they transmute all that comes in contact with them and inspire people to a higher level of living through living example.

They are not all knowing or all-powerful. They are only as knowledgeable and powerful as their belief system allows them to be. This is the real secret of their power and ability. Their belief system is open-ended and harmonious at all levels. They can learn as much about anything as they wish before going on to something else.

Their belief system is all-inclusive. It includes the entire cosmos. Their belief system is entirely integrated. It is like a hologram in which each part contains every other part.

The things that cannot be comprehended are considered nonself and there is a powerful attraction between what they know and what they desire to know.

Learning is an area of intense bliss and these people will joyously spend the rest of their lives learning all they can about physical reality. They have traveled through the different levels of awareness and now they long to become creative in those levels. This is the indescribable experience of non-duality or total union with God.

There is a sense of gentle loving and sharing that completely fills them. They are the key or microcosm and the universe or macrocosm is the lock. The key is all they are capable of knowing and the lock is all that is possible to become.

As the microcosm becomes more like the macrocosm, they gain power and strength from the fabric of the cosmos. They use this creative power to achieve their ultimate purpose in life.

In their struggle to reintegrate with physical reality they are active on all planes as they develop various astral bodies, unify those astral bodies into a single soul and develop their creative powers. Physical reality continues to stubbornly resist their efforts but must that last give way and they move forward in triumph. They are exploring the mystery of change and how to achieve their true destinys.

The life of an ordinary person consists of one step forward and one step backward in a zero-sum game. That is why it is so hard to get anywhere without compromising who you are or what you desire. The people who have attained this level use both sides of their nature to make each step move forward in an unstoppable manner as they move toward the desired goal. The shadow self and the spiritual self-work together toward a common goal under the direction and rulership of the true human ego.