Just as the rational atheists struggled to find the spirit but failed while a new type of humanity called social enforcers discovered the spiritual worlds, but failed to find God a new type of humanity that is just emerging has discovered God in all living things. I call this new type of humanity organic Gnostics because they have discovered the divine within all living things.

The realms of the spirit are infinite and for the social enforcers there is no bridge between the physical world and the spiritual worlds. They continuously struggle against physical life itself in an effort to escape into the purely spiritual worlds where they can reunite with God. This is something that they cannot do until the death of their physical bodies.

But the organic Gnostics have discovered the divine, discovered God in all things that exist and that includes the physical world as well! They have the ability to be multi dimensional, experiencing spiritual things while in physical bodies and experiencing the divine in all living things.

The social enforcer escapes into a world of fantasy and creates spiritual things and experiences spiritual things, but they must always come back to physical reality. There is a barrier that prevents them from living in both worlds at the same time.

The organic Gnostic perceives themselves as both a physical being and a spiritual being and has the ability to integrate them both harmoniously into their singular soul. Unlike the rational atheists that consider the social collective as God, the organic Gnostic recognizes God in themselves and in others, within each individual soul. The social enforcer is still looking for God, while the organic Gnostic recognizes the God that is in them as well even if it is not yet recognized.

For the social enforcer the spirit is the ideal, the unattainable, the otherworldly. The spirit is God! They are all too aware of their own physical natures and think of themselves as less than spirit while the organic Gnostics think of themselves as more than spirit! What has happened is that the organic Gnostics have found God within themselves, within their hearts! And in doing so they have found God within the hearts of others as well! Not only within the hearts of others, but within all of nature and within the hearts of all living things. In this way the organic Gnostic seeks heaven here on earth and has the ability to find it!