The Organic Gnosticism Of Pre-War Germany

The Organic Gnosticism of Pre-war Germany

This is an attempt to explain the persistent rumors of the so called dark current and evil occultism of pre-war Germany that persists despite little evidence of occultism. It is rather a Black Energy or Dark Current that is sensed, feared and confused in the mind of the public with Satanism and evil.

I became interested in this question through my translation work of Hanns Heinz Ewers and Stanislaw Przybyszewski, both reputed Satanists. What I have discovered sheds a spotlight on both German Occultism, Modern Satanism and Organic Gnosticism and raises even more questions that need to be asked.

This account holds both the ridiculous and the horrible and is a tale of humanity. I ask the reader to keep an open mind as I delve into previously unexplained details of occultism and metaphysical realities and try to explain how Organic Gnosticism was originally a form of Tantra, the Path of Woman and the path of Divine Counterparts.

The first thing to be confronted is the reality of non-physical worlds that are just as real and substantial as so called physical reality. This includes the reality of the soul and the astral planes. If you can’t believe in the soul and the unseen worlds you can’t believe in Divine Counterparts.

This Black Current or Black Magical Energy is sex energy, plain and simple. If a person strongly works with sex energy as in tantric sex exercises of any type whatsoever, their aura will become black. Sexual energy is black and it is pure. There is no evil or perversity about it. The most spiritual and religious person in the world can work strongly with sex energy and their aura will take on this “black” color.

The problem is that this sexual Black Energy lies beneath fear energy and to consciously work with it one must confront and work through their personal fears. When sensitive people encounter people with this Black Energy in their aura it activates the energy of fear within them, they become afraid and think of these people as “black” magicians.

This Black Energy is the lowest etheric energy possible before physical manifestation and to be able to consciously manipulate it is to be able to do magic and to alter physical events before they manifest. This ability to do magic is real and not an invention of crazy people although many don’t have the mental and emotional stability to control these non-physical forces.
The goal of the magician is to permanently activate a non-physical body created of this Black Energy . When this is done one is able to function at this level and perform “magic”.