The Order Of Anarchistic Knights

Organic Gnosticism is the magical movement for this new eon and the premiere source for self empowerment and soul development. These are some of the main features of this path:

Individualistic Anarchy as described by German author Max Stirner almost two hundred years ago. The Order of Anarchistic Knights is a loose union of like minded and like spirited people joined together for mutual advantage. As such each member must own and take possession of their own place within this group as their ability allows. There is nothing held to be sacred and each concept is proven through experience.

A strong ego and strong self esteem are vitally important for spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. These can best be developed through the development of survival skills, self defense skills and emergency first aid skills.

Tantric practice is held to be the fastest and most effective method for the development of the soul and its powers through the mutual exchange of all levels of male and female energies between magical partners. This energetic exchange primarily takes place at the astral level and is magical in nature.

Duality is seen as the mutual balance and interplay between expansive male and formative female energies. The purpose of life is to explore all possibilities, good and bad; and to become more complex. This path is beyond such concepts as good and evil.

Organic Gnosticism is based upon the modern science of Chaos Theory and the Reciprocal Field Theory of Dewey Larson. As such it integrates modern science into a metaphysical paradigm of working magic and soul development that can be experienced and proven.

It is also based upon the Objectivism philosophy of Neo-Tech and modern psychology. The basic principles of Neo-Tech being that mysticism is a disease that must be eradicated from the face of the earth and that the use of coercive force against an individual can never be justified. In this regard Organic Gnosticism is purely magical in nature according to the laws of science. The soul and the astral planes have an objective reality behind their subjective appearance. Organic Gnosticism teaches how to achieve things magically and is not political or socially active in achieving its aims.

Organic Gnosticism has its roots in early Rosicrucianism, tantric practices and German Satanism as practiced and proclaimed by authors Stanislaw Przybyszewski and Hanns Heinz Ewers. It’s goal is the development of the Androgynous Soul as a balance of male and female essence.

Founder Joe E. Bandel, aka anarchistbanjo, aka Frater OAK F.R.C. :. :., is a Rosicrucian Master and Elder in the Rosicrucian tradition having completed the 12th degree studies of AMORC, and is a member of their spiritual hierarchy. He was also initiated into the Martinist Order; into the OTO 3rd degree; into the York Rite of Freemasonry and a researcher of Early Masonic history including the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and of the Golden Dawn magical order. Further research and personal experience has made him familiar with NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming; the writings of Julius Evola; Mantak Chia, and the western mystery tradition in general. This places him in a unique position to modernize the old western mystery tradition and bring the magic back! Organic Gnosticism is the synthesis of a new path for a new humanity!

Most importantly he speaks from personal achievement and experience in walking both the right hand path and the left hand path to their natural conclusions. There is nothing theoretical about Organic Gnosticism!