As the moon circles the earth it alternately compresses and expands the astral layers around the earth.

At the time of the new moon the sun and the moon are in the same part of the sky combining their gravitational forces. This pulls the astral layers as high above the earth’s surface as possible and expands them so they can hold more energy. At this time the maximum amount of light energy from the sun is allowed in to expanded and stretch the astral planes of the earth.

Normally this space is filled by light energy from the sun but it can also be filled with sexual energy from individuals or any other type of energy. In any case, at the time of the new moon the earth’s astral planes are completely filled and can’t hold any more energy of any kind.

Immediately after the new moon the astral layers begin to compress. This continues until the full moon when the sun and the moon are in opposite parts of the sky. At this point the earth’s astral layers have been compressed as much as possible and any excess energy has been forced to become physical actions and events or it has been forced to self-destruct. This is the heart beat of life upon Gaia as it circulates the vital life force among all living things.

Immediately after the full moon the earth’s astral layers begin to expand and draw more energy into them in an almost suction like action. This pulsing action of compression and expansion causes a continuous circulation and flow of energy among the astral creations within the earth’s astral planes, continuously impelling new physical events and new astral events.

Light energy passes through the astral planes and strikes both astral objects as well as physical objects. Light energy is male energy and causes expansion or growth of physical and astral objects by transforming into expansive north magnetic field energy. As the astral planes expand so do the astral objects and beings within the astral planes. They grow individually if possible along with other astral events and become more complex.

During the compression phase these astral beings and events are forced together by the action of the moon.

The earth is completely surrounded by the astral planes but there are actually two astral planes, the outer astral planes are called the Spiritual planes and the inner astral planes are called the Magical planes.

The Spiritual planes involve north pole magnetic field energy and they try to disburse all superfluous astral energy outward into the cosmic leaving only key critical astral events and individuals intact. They form archetypal patterns.

The Magical planes involve south pole magnetic field energy and try to focus astral energy at the lowest possible point as physical events. They form compromise and mutational patterns.

In the occult tradition the outer 118 astral planes of north pole energy are know as the Spiritual planes. The inner 118 astral planes of south pole energy are known as the Magical planes or Qlippothic planes.

This might seem confusing as the Spiritual planes could be considered to be above the equator and the Magical planes could be considered below the equator. In actual practice astral beings and creations exist as balanced male/female or north magnetic/south magnetic energies with one or the other dominant. This is why I choose to think of them as 118 elements each and one within the other, the magical planes within the spiritual planes and closer to the earth. In the long run it doesn’t really matter. I’m describing functions, not scientific specifics. I’m still learning about this myself!

An astral event in the Spiritual planes must combine with its counterpart in the Magical planes before it can become a physical event. Until this happens astral events remain suspended at various levels as potential events in both the spiritual planes and magical planes.

Careful analysis shows that astral events in the Magical planes are potential physical events during the next lunar cycle if they can be matched with their corresponding half in the spiritual planes.

Astral events in the Spiritual planes are long range possibilities. They will not normally happen in the near future.

Immediately after the full moon peak energy is sucked into the lowest part of the Magical planes. For 3 1/2 days the 118 Magical planes fill with energy easily without moving from one level to another. They fill up one layer at a time from the lowest to the highest. Immediately after the full moon the lowest level will fill up, then the next and the next in sequence.

Dream activity will progress upward into the higher levels each night as one level at a time is activated. There will be no crossing from one level into another in these dreams. After that energetic activity is finished it will need to wait another lunar cycle for that particular spot to be activated once more.

On the third night after the full moon your dreams will contain your most difficult potential events for the next month. These dreams represent a gain or a loss for you in important areas of your life. The fact that they are at the highest levels of the Magical planes indicates that they are in conflict with an opposing force and trying to rise above the opposing energies. Dreams with a good outcome at this time indicate that a person is gaining in Magical strength and that the issue is beginning to go in the direction wanted. The event or issue may remain as a potential event but it will have gained in strength.

During the next 3 1/2 days until the first quarter astral creations will pierce through individual layers and move vertically upward from one level to another level making room for other energies, forcing some actions downward into physical events and forcing others to self-destruct. This is a merging of the levels on the Magical plane and energy injected into the lower levels may rise into the upper levels in an effort to strengthen and protect an event on the lower planes. As an example, one may be faced with a personal crisis where they need desperately to find employment. The only type of work available is minimum wage work that is not pleasant at all. But it will be enough to get by until a stronger outcome is possible.

Dreams immediately after the full moon are like trying to scrub a toilet clean or sweep a factory floor. You try hard but it won’t come clean. This is a powerful dream of not having enough personal energy to deal with an immediate crisis. Potentially this next lunar cycle will not be too pleasant for this person but they will get through it.

Now suppose that this person decides to put out massive amounts of physical energy for the next three days in an attempt to ready a book manuscript that is almost completed. He or she works fourteen hours a day getting this manuscript ready to send out. At the time when the astral levels merge, that physical energy will rise up and support the actions concerning the manuscript. It will attack and weaken the negative astral influences that are creating this crisis.

Doing this it will alter the potential future for the next lunar cycle in a positive way. He or she will still need to find employment at a menial type job but it may be more enjoyable than it would have been. Also it may be temporary because the book may be accepted for publication. In this instance physical energy injected into the Magical planes has been able to modify or alter a negative crisis in a defensive manner. It has confronted and destroyed or altered as much of the negative force as possible.

The night before the 3rd quarter your dreams will contain the final result of your most difficult potential events for the month ahead. This will be the summary or resolution of the astral events within the Magical planes for the coming lunar cycle. It will reflect accurately just how these matters now stand astrally. In effect it is here that you say “this is what I want”. If these dreams are positive progress is being made in important areas in your life. If these dreams are negative some problem areas are looming on your personal horizon that you have no control over.

At the exact moment of the 3rd quarter all astral activity moves into the Spiritual planes. The Magical planes are completely filled with light and other types of energy and essentially immobile. In the Spirit planes the cosmic and society determine what actions are required by what people.

Dreams during this period involve societies long range intentions toward you. Here you get a glimpse of whether society intends to help you in your efforts or to hinder you. In my example of the manuscript writer, it would be expected that he or she would have some dreams concerning his or her book during this time of the lunar cycle. A favorable dream would indicate that society intends to help publish this book while an unfavorable dream indicates further obstacles that must be confronted first.

As before the 3 1/2 days after the 3rd quarter will fill the astral layers without transferring activity from one level to another. This will continue in a wave movement from the lowest levels upward to the highest levels. During the last 3 1/2 days the astral creations will pierce individual layers and move from one level to another as the astral levels merge and find new resolutions.

The most intense dreams will occur on the third night after the 3rd quarter and the night before the new moon. These are the nights when the energies fully resolve themselves, first at each level individually and then among all the levels as they merge together.

Perhaps it is wrong to say that the most intense dreams will occur on these nights. What is meant is that if the issue in conflict is almost equal to the oppositional force it will rise to the highest levels before finding resolution. The highest levels find resolution at these times. Each level resolves itself sequentially from the bottom to the top. If the dreamer has a surplus strength and astral energy this resolution may occur as an intense dream earlier and at a lower level.

If a person has opened themselves to the lunar cycle as described in other posts this entire period from the full moon to the new moon has injected light energy directly into his or her astral creations and caused them to expand and gain complexity. It may also have caused some of the more unrealistic ones to self-destruct as they combined with opposing astral creations.

Being open to the lunar cycle also allows a person’s astral creations to maintain themselves at a peak of expansion and strength on both the Magical and Spiritual planes. Like a giant sponge they are now filled to capacity with light energy. In contrast people not open to the lunar cycle will appear as many small sponges on all levels and their energy is easily manipulated and altered by others at the various levels. Being open to the lunar cycle is a major step in gaining the ability to maintain and defend one’s own astral creations. The injection of raw physical or sexual energy into the astral at these times does not act as the light energy does but instead tends to work from the bottom. It disrupts all the levels above it in a minor manner and they automatically adjust to the new conditions when ruptured.

As an example, an injection of this type of energy may force an astral event into a physical event or into self-destruction. The void created by this removal of energy would be immediately filled by your own astral creations as they swell with light and surge forward to fill the void. This always brings an added advantage and astral empowerment because it alters the entire dynamics of the levels involved. It is magically forcing change within the astral planes.

At the new moon the Spiritual astral layers begin to contract and force astral events into resolution beginning at the top and working downward. The time from the new moon to the 1st quarter involves global activities and events that society and the earth require of each individual as long range potential events. Here society and the cosmic make clear their new intentions toward you. This is the plan of destiny.

In the time before the new moon you expressed your intentions toward society and what your long range goals were. Now this is the resolution of your long range goals and societies long range expectations toward you. Our aspiring author will find out whether his or her book has a chance at becoming physical reality during this resolution phase of the long term future.

Destructive dreams or negative dreams would indicate that societal pressures will not allow publication of the book as astral events currently stand. These matters are constantly being updated with every new lunar cycle. Positive dreams would indicate that society will support publication of the book after certain conditions are met in physical reality. It indicates the possibility that the book will be published at some time in the future, this year, next year, or perhaps twenty years from now.

As before the most important victories or defeats will occur in your dreams during the third night after the new moon or the night before the 1st quarter when long range Spirit astral events are finally resolved.

The time from the new moon to 3 1/2 days later will resolve the issues one level at a time moving from the top downward. These astral creations will not go from one level to another but will always stay at the same level. The period 3 1/2 days before the 1st quarter until the 1st quarter will cause a merging of the astral levels as they resolve themselves by merging one level at a time downward. Energy from one level will rise or lower to support and defend astral creations on a lower level.

As before astral creations will be impelled to become physical events or to self-destruct. Since these are Spirit astral events they represent critical or key physical events or individuals within humanity’s and the earth’s future. The impact of our author’s book on society is being weighed. If it will contribute greatly to society’s welfare it gains strength and importance and moves down into the lower Spirit levels or the fixed etheric levels as a certain to occur future event. The implication of this book and it’s impact on society are already integrating and projecting an alteration of the long-term future.

In the same manner the time from the 1st quarter to the full moon involves potential physical events that could be immanent. At the 1st quarter astral activity wave passes into the lower Magical astral planes and Spiritual astral events connect up with their Magical counterparts.

At this time tremendous energy flows from the Spirit events into the Magical counterparts. This action is the supreme controller of astral events at the Magical levels. These Magical counter parts are energized and strengthened before any of the other astral events are influenced in any way. This is an outpouring of light energy into the Magical planes from the Spiritual counterparts.

Our budding author receives a supportive influx of light energy at this time that he or she can use to help further resolve the current employment crisis. Society has resolved to send a little grace toward this author and lighten his or her physical circumstances a little because it has determined that the book must be published in the future and he or she must be alive to publish it.

The third night after the 1st quarter is when physical events are determined. After that it is only a matter of when they will happen. They will happen sometime during the next lunar cycle and each event is programmed in for a certain time at a certain day. The night before the full moon will bring the most intense emotions and physical events. Other events will happen at a more leisurely pace throughout the next month.

The period 3 1/2 days before the full moon until the full moon are when these Magical levels merge to mitigate or strengthen the effects of a planned physical event. This means that the physical event will happen but the consequences of that physical event may be altered. Our budding author may find that he or she is enjoying the people that he or she works with. This menial job is more tolerable than his or her original dream of scrubbing dirty toilets or sweeping sawdust off factory floors.

By monitoring your dreams you will notice that you will begin to have certain types of dreams at the same time of the lunar cycle each month. This helps you to determine if progress is being made on certain issues. There will be a noticeable progression of dream content as various issues evolve and solve themselves.

Over time you will gain a deep knowledge of the astral and all of its levels through this method of lucid dreaming. You will consciously make or break astral connections for your own purposes as well as gain the ability to astrally defend yourself.

When astral connection is first made with the lunar cycle you will notice the exact moments of the full moon, first quarter, new moon, and third quarter because at those exact moments tremendous quantities of astral energy will course through your entire body. Later this will happen at the mid points of the lunar cycle also as the astral energies merge and shift from one level to another.

This happens because so much personal energy has been forced into the astral planes and accumulated. It resists becoming physical events so it just sloshes around taking up more and more space until there is no more room for it. This is the experience that awaits the new Magister Templi. The new Magister Templi has the spiritual connection to force change astrally but lacks the earth connection to bring his or her astral creations downward. This is part of the curse of that grade which is called the mystery of sorrow. He or she can act defensively but not creatively.

As mentioned earlier this entire process is automatic and can’t really be messed up. Because of this long explanations and descriptions are not really needed. They will be experienced instead.