Organic Gnosticism takes the so-called left-hand path in an entirely new direction! Orthodoxy considers the left-hand path to be involved with opposite doing and taboo breaking. While these may be considered extremely powerful and important practices, they need to be looked at in an entirely new light.

Organic Gnosticism is involved with the creation and development of the androgynous soul created from a balance of male and female energy. After the creation and development of the androgynous soul contact and reunion with one’s Divine counterpart is pursued. Like the yin-yang symbol the two halves of the soul should be symmetrical and relatable to each other. One side should be that of a human male and the other side should be that of a human female if one desires to remain part of humanity!

To participate in bizarre and subhuman or inhuman practices might very well free you from societal restrictions, but it might also make you an inhuman monster and that would cause your Divine counterpart to become an opposite inhuman monster! It would also make it that much harder to merge with your Divine counterpart.

The creation and development of the androgynous soul naturally forces you to develop and integrate the opposite sex qualities of your own ego. Working with sexual orgasm energy naturally forces you to confront your own innermost fears as well as those of your Divine counterpart because it works with subconscious forces. The acceptance and integration of those innermost fears are far more powerful than any Orthodox head tripping taboo breaking and opposite doing. That is because they precisely trigger those things and activities needed to be confronted and integrated on a deep and intensely personal level. Instead of confronting collective fears and demons, you’re forced to confront your own personal fears and demons as well as those of your Divine counterpart!

In fact, focusing on taboo breaking and bizarre behaviors concerns our relationship with society, not with the development of our soul!

Organic Gnosticism breaks even more completely with orthodoxy concerning the left-hand path! The generation of sexual orgasm energy twice daily over long periods of time will provoke incubus or succubus experiences, attract the necessary opposite sex energy and develop the androgynous soul at different levels of the astral planes! It will also draw us to the proper opposite sex partners in real life. As the androgynous soul is created and strengthened its powers and abilities are also strengthened automatically! What I am saying is that practice and technique are not what develops the soul and its powers. The generation of sexual orgasm energy and its automatic combining with opposite sex energy is what develops the soul and its powers! This continued generation of sexual orgasm energy twice daily is literally the only requirement for the development of the androgynous soul and for eventual contact with one’s Divine counterpart! As the androgynous soul is developed completely at each level its powers are activated automatically and naturally as a consequence.

All other teachings, techniques, and beliefs concerning the so-called left-hand path are superficial and of no consequence! The entire process is driven by the continued generation of sexual orgasm energy over long periods of time and by nothing else! This is a mechanical and automatic process that works organically without the need for conscious control or direction. It makes use of the innate intelligence of the human body and its own natural functions as well as cosmic law! The sharing of opposite sex energies in love relationships is what is important. The energy will seek out the right partner magically.

All of this can be easily demonstrated and proven through personal experience. Organic Gnosticism collects the needed information on how to develop the androgynous soul safely and effectively and how to ultimately connect with one’s Divine counterpart!

This is the Kali Yuga and for the next 2000 years sexual orgasm energy, vital life force energy or garden of Eden energy has become available for all life forms, not just humans. All species can use this unprecedented opportunity to develop their souls and magical powers. If humanity does not use this energy it will be eclipsed by other species that are more vital and adaptive. The higher levels no longer offer empowerment or protection against this wave of creation energy!