The Incubus And Succubus

Whether you are generating sexual orgasm energy with an opposite sex partner, homosexually or auto erotically you will still experience the incubus or succubus. Sexual dreams are a normal part of a healthy dream life. By generating and sending sexual orgasm energy you’re actively provoking such experiences!

The act of generating sexual orgasm energy is a mechanical process. How the body stores that energy during the day and releases it into the astral at night through dreams is the magical part of the process.

Sexual orgasm energy is highly polarized as male or female and will attract suitable opposite sex energy within the dream environment. You will draw astral lovers to yourself or be drawn to them. This is all part of the process and is involuntary unless you deliberately choose to send the energy to someone in particular or go to them.

The incubus or succubus is a projection of the shadow self of your magical partner. The more distorted the incubus or succubus, the more distorted your magical partner’s belief in themselves. The same is true for angelic love encounters. These are projections of your partner’s higher self and not of their true nature. Only after you and your magical partner dissolve and integrate these two secondary personalities can you meet face-to-face within the dream/astral worlds. What this means is that in the beginning you will encounter the demonic side of your magical partner and they will encounter your demonic side. You’ll come face-to-face with their greatest fears and they will come face-to-face with yours. You will also come face-to-face with their greatest desires and they with yours. But neither are real. They are the sharing of not self; those things despised or those things desired but unattainable.

Coming face-to-face with the greatest fears of someone else is even more challenging than confronting your own greatest fears. The same is true for your greatest desires. These things are what makes this path so difficult. You need to integrate both the shadow and higher self of your magical partner as well as integrating your own shadow or higher self.

Fortunately this is an automatic process that unfolds gradually in its own time and in its own way as you continue to generate sexual orgasm energy twice a day.

There is an ancient wisdom within the physical body and that wisdom guides the entire process. First is the dissolving and integration of the shadow and higher self, then the giving and receiving of energy to the female to create her own Observer self, then the birth of an astral child that will house the male’s Observer self, then the creation of a personal timeline and lastly the astral creation of an entire world.

Throughout this process various other experiences will follow as the soul develops and begins to function magically within the astral worlds. You maintain an astral connection with your magical partner throughout the entire cycle and remain permanently linked at its conclusion even though you may each go separate ways.

It is likely that you will be drawn into various cycles with various magical partners as level after level of the astral is explored and layer after layer of the soul is developed. But there will only be one magical partner at a time. This is the concept known as magical celibacy. The incubus and succubus are personality fragments of actual people whom you are in energetic contact with in some manner, personally, or even over the Internet.