The Hypocrisy Of Liberalism

It’s pretty easy to see that liberalism simply exchanges one external authority for another. Political liberalism has made people equal by abolishing the masters and servants of the upper and lower class. While it has created the middle class it has turned it into an unruly mob that must be regulated by laws and coercive force. The master has been replaced by the government and the law!

Social liberalism has made people equal by abolishing wealth. We live in a world of debtors and we are encouraged to borrow money beyond our means to repay it! Usery is one of the most vile inventions ever created! We have become slaves to our own debt.

Humane liberalism has abolished religion by making us all atheists. We have done away with God and the spirit worlds. Humanity is the new religion.

It all sounds good! You can’t argue with it. Since there are no more masters there is no need for servants. We might all be in debt, but we have borrowed the money to buy the things that we want. And since we have gotten rid of God there is no more need to be judgmental about people.

But it’s all just a magic trick, smoke and mirrors. The master rises again as the government and law that demands our obedience. Working in poverty to pay off our debts has replaced a life of servitude. Our faith in God has been replaced by a faith in humanity and now humanity itself has become our God!

To become human has become such a sacred ideal that no individual can attain to it. The ideal human has become sacred, distant and lifted high above us. Are we really any better off than we were before?