I’ve just finished some research on the Holy Grail. Please bear with me as I try to put some unconventional thoughts into words, thoughts that reflect my personal experience.

As Jakob Boehme stated the female womb or matrix includes a spiritual matrix as well. But I would not put it exactly that way. I have described how tantric sexual orgasm creates male/female cycles where the immortal soul or observer self is created and also timelines and entire worlds in holograph form. This can be with Divine Counterparts, chakra soulmates, tantrikas and love partners. There is so much we don’t know about the female mysteries.

The main point to be stated unequivocally is that the female womb not only creates babies, but also soul bodies or observer selves, astral bodies, timelines and alternate worlds. It does this when non-physical male orgasm energy is mixed with the females own energy to form a third energy that is magical. The male himself is not able to create astrally, but can use his energy to destroy, heal and make grow. The male requires the female to be open to his energy if it is to become creatively magical. And the female has the power to block any unwanted energy that she doesn’t want. But she can’t create magic without male energy to mix with hers.

So the female womb is capable of creating physically, spiritually, magically and astrally with the addition of the proper non-physical male energy mixing with her own. Because of this the female womb has been called the Holy Grail, the Magic Cauldron, The Fountain of Life and many other mythical things. But in terms of the Holy Grail it is sought after by knights on a perilous quest. It can only be activated by love, energy sex, tantric sex or the generation of non-physical sexual orgasm energy!

The Holy Grail will destroy all who seek it for purely physical sex or animalistic pleasure. The magical female womb works through non-physical energies and not through the use of male sperm and physical sex which is considered normal sex that often results in procreation. This is the solution to the sacred mystery and it is very profound.

Now the male has a very difficult time generating non-physical sexual orgasm energy without sperm loss and most efforts are not enough to produce meaningful results unless tantric sex is practiced where orgasm is prolonged, the energy is passed to the female and the sperm is not lost.

So the quest for the Holy Grail is something like this:

The female womb is a magical object that can create all things but only with the proper mix of non-physical male and female energy. The male is required to learn how to produce non-physical sexual orgasm energy through some type of tantric practice. The female womb has the power to destroy as well as to create!

This is the quest for the Holy Grail and only the bravest are able to succeed at it. It is another example of the tantric left hand path but offers even more advice on how dangerous lust and animal pleasure can be. It is a spiritual quest. It is a quest for the development of the soul and it’s powers. This is achieved through the creative power of a third energy that is produced within the womb and released into the astral planes where it will be allowed to physically manifest.