Deep within us something rejoices at the sight of a newborn baby. Each child is a treasure and sacred. The mother of the child is the bringer of life. The innocence of childhood with its joy of living does not need to be lost as we grow older.

We can regain the joy of living we once had as children. To all of us the gift of life is sacred. We are given the limited time we have to advance humanity’s position on planet Earth.

It is wrong to waste that time in self-destructive or non-productive activities. It is also wrong to destroy the life of another in an act of aggression for personal gain.

It is important we have respect for the lives of others and allow them the space and freedom to live and grow. There is no need to fear allowing others freedom and space. There is a difference in fighting to defend our selves and in the violence of war, rape, pillage and murder. When unprovoked never strike the first blow that harms another.

However, when a conflict is inevitable the first blow should be ours and that blow should be decisive. Imagine that we drive to a shopping center late one evening for some last minute shopping and leave the store to return to our car. We are pushing a cart of groceries before us.

As we enter the parking lot and near our car a suspicious and threatening person advances toward us. Looking wildly around for an escape route we see another person coming up behind us. There is no escape and we are stabbed, beaten and die in that dark parking lot because someone wanted our money to buy drugs.

We were so paralyzed with fear we were unable to make one move to defend ourselves. We lived and we died a helpless victim. The policeman around the corner arrived too late to save us.

But what about our loved ones? Our spouse, our children, siblings and parents are suddenly also victims. With our death an important part of their lives is gone forever and we did not lift a finger to prevent it. We were frozen with fear.

Because of our inability to act our loved ones will spend the rest of their lives with any empty space we could have filled. Because of our lack of awareness we failed those that loved us at the time they needed us most.

The gift of life is not simple. When we die our death affects the lives of many other people and they become victims also.

We have an obligation to those we love and those that love us. We have an obligation to choose the manner and time of our own death as much as humanly possible. We are obligated to die with dignity and honor if it is within our power to do so.

Be aware enough to recognize and avoid dangerous situations. When it is not possible to avoid a situation have the awareness and competence to initiate appropriate action and control the outcome of the situation. If we need to fight, make sure we strike the first blow and it causes damage. Hopefully it will cause enough damage to end the fight before there even is a fight.

If we die in such a battle we die with dignity and honor. Our loved ones will still mourn our deaths but they will gain comfort in knowing we fought and we never compromised. They will know we inflicted damage on those that destroyed us.

Think of the joy and happiness of our loved ones if we live through such an encounter because we fought back in self-defense. We now have the rest of our lives to share with them.

The family bonds in life are most sacred. It is important we can fight for the safety and protection of those we love. It is not wrong to fight for those we love; it is an obligation. We never know when we may need to fight for survival.

Have the knowledge and ability to fight with teeth and fingernails if those are the only weapons we have. There is within each one of us the capacity for fearful violence and we need to make it our friend. It will work for our survival in such desperate times of need. Our capacity for physical violence is our friend.

It is there to save our lives and the lives of those we love. It is not right to deny and suppress this aspect of who we are. It is a part of being human.

Our children will know and have comfort in the knowledge that we will do anything in our power to protect and save them from threatening situations. We will even give our lives for them if necessary.

Our spouse can feel safe knowing we will always give our support when they need it. They can count on us to do our part and we will support them in doing their part. They can feel our home is a place of safety and refuge.

Our parents need not fear old age because we will be there to take care of them when they need us. Our parents can know we have the ability and the strength to take care of them. Our siblings can see us as examples and draw encouragement from our own successes in life.

We can strive to be living examples so in our death our lives will be remembered.

Care about neighborhood and town and do your part to see it is a safe place to live in. By caring about the safety and welfare of those we love, we benefit others in the community at the same time.

The key to a safe community is to be capable of doing what is needed. We can provide the safety and protection for ourselves and for those we love. The policeman will always be around the corner and out of earshot when we need him. Never expect the policeman to do what we can’t do for ourselves and for each other. It is wrong to give away power and responsibility to a policeman that we should keep for ourselves. It will never be in our best interests to do so.

It is your life. Keep it in your hands!