The Finite Astral Planes

The astral planes are not empty, they are full to the brim! Sometimes it is almost impossible to inject sexual orgasm energy or any other type of energy into them and other times it is very easy. There are also times when the first injection of energy seems like it hits a wall, but later when you try the second time there is lots of room. What has happened is that the first try actually burst through the astral congestion and made some space for your second attempt! Other times it feels like the astral is draining every ounce of energy away from you! It is doing this to support your own astral creations by the way! Once something is created within the astral it will try to maintain itself and resist alteration. It will draw energy from you to remain intact. This is a good thing even if it drains you of energy!

The lunar cycle is like a heartbeat that alternately squeezes and expands the astral layers and circulates the astral energy throughout all the levels, impelling some things toward physical manifestation and other times destroying astral creations.

The process of generating sexual orgasm energy or any other type of energy twice a day and injecting it into the astral is somewhat similar to jumping in front of a train! Your energy creates a major disruption causing the astral bonds to burst at a weak point and then merge back together in a new pattern, one that includes your added energy! You add the energy and the daily cycle, the lunar cycle and the solar cycle are the trains which create the pressure that makes things happen by bursting through the existing astral configurations.

In the beginning the weak spot is inside of yourself and that is where the energy will burst apart blocked energy channels as it clears them. Later as your energy channels become open and functioning the astral disruption happens outside of you in other places within the astral. At times this messes with other magic workers and provokes magical combats. But magical combat is not to be feared because it is all about energy and you replenish your energy everyday while the other magicians don’t! I have had hundreds of astral conflicts over the years and never lost one of them, although it might have been a draw in the early days and required several repeated attempts.

The important point is that the astral is finite and injecting sexual orgasm energy or any other type of energy into it twice a day radically empowers your astral creations and helps them to magically manifest and also helps to develop your soul and your astral bodies. It forces growth and this is what we want. The astral resists change and will absorb most efforts at changing unless those efforts are forceful. Continue injecting sexual orgasm energy or any other type of energy twice a day into the astral until the present moment is the present moment which you desire. It is that simple. The reverse is also that simple. Without injecting energy into the astral your astral creations will just stay there in limbo and not go anywhere. Most people end up creating astral events for their next physical life because what they create will never manifest in this one!

This is what makes the Tantric path different. It is the path of attainment in this lifetime! These are not empty words! But the path is only for the bravest of the brave!