The Fetch, Thoughtforms And Secondary Personalities

Of the seven possible astral bodies we are born with both the highest and the lowest already activated and functioning. In the last post I termed the Highest astral body the Holy Guardian Angel and the Lowest astral body the Shadow. Any activated astral body creates a secondary personality.

This means we are born with two secondary personalities in addition to our normal ego awareness as it develops. These are literally the angel and devil that sit on our shoulders whispering and tempting us.

It is not coincidence that schizophrenia results when the normal ego is weak and the “Christ” aspect or the “Devil” aspect attempt to take over our physical bodies.

These two secondary personalities are very important and each connects to a major cosmic power source. The “Christ” aspect or Holy Guardian Angel is linked to Spiritual Photon Energy. It can draw unlimited power from the cosmic and use it to create new things. It is the divine power of light and love.

When we connect and integrate this secondary personality we tap into the spiritual power resources of the cosmic itself. It is created from two bits of awareness and is archetypal in nature consisting of perceptions of self evident reality.

The “Devil” aspect or Shadow is linked to Earth energy. It can draw unlimited energy from the earth to manifest things physically. This is the Cosmic energy of manifestation. When we tap into this power source we are given dominion and power to physically manifest whatever we wish.

This secondary personality is created from thirty two bits of awareness and deals with organic awareness and sensuality.

The task of the mystic is to contact the Holy Guardian Angel and integrate it successfully into normal ego awareness. If the normal ego is not strong enough the mystic will loose touch with reality and become absorbed into the secondary personality. He or she will think they are Jesus or the Virgin Mary. Their normal ego can not withstand the cosmic energies that pour through the Holy Guardian Angel.

The task of the Magician is to contact the Shadow or “Animal Totem” and integrate it successfully into normal ego awareness. If the normal ego is not strong enough the magician will loose touch with reality and become absorbed into the secondary personality. He or she will become “possessed” by their “Demon”. The normal ego can not withstand the powerful earth energies that surge through the Shadow.

Of the 118 bits of awareness possible thirty four are already taken at birth and not available to us. That leave us with 84 bits of awareness to develop and integrate as our “normal Ego”. Even these will not integrate smoothly but form five separate astral bodies and secondary personalities. The only thing we have going for us is that these are not even developed but dormant. As we develop them we can also integrate them into an united personality.

Each bit of awareness can create thought forms or fetches. This is an advanced magic practice in one sense but ordinary in another sense. When you are trying to remember something and can’t you are really sending out mental energy as a thought form or fetch. It was created to bring back that memory or bit of information you desired. Later some time during the day or even the next day when you are busy doing something else you suddenly remember what it was. The fetch returned with the desired information. This common phenomenon is what magic thought forms and fetches are really about. It is simply done in a deliberate manner with different types of energies and astral bodies.

It is important the fetch or thought form be absorbed back into your body when it returns or it will turn against you and seek to become an independent secondary personality with a life and awareness of its own. The Holy Guardian Angel and the Shadow are both advanced thought forms that have complete astral bodies and their own life force that keeps them alive. This is why it is so dangerous to integrate them into the normal ego. Each one is more vital and powerful than the normal ego and absorbs it at first.

The absorbing of the normal ego is the death of the ego and the most frightening thing we can experience. In metaphysical literature there is a battle for the soul or normal ego. Both the Holy Guardian Angel and the Shadow are in a fierce combat trying to gain control over it.

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