It is the false god, the hive mind that must be revealed for what it really is! This is the true toxic poison that lies buried in the heart of the human race!

When we speak of creation; we speak of the living and nonliving parts of creation. The nonliving parts, the elements the atoms the molecules the planets, the stars, follow the laws of physics. It might not be a type of physics that we understand completely, but it exists and some day we may understand. It is possible to recognize the regularity and the order within all nonliving things. It is possible through science to understand the creation of all things. Everything that exists is created out of light, the spiritual light. Everything is created out of divine sparks of light.

In systematic progression these sparks of light vibrate and move through the spectrum of existence; through the colors of the rainbow one quantum leap after another. At some point, perhaps instantaneously, these flashes of divine light give off magnetic pulses as well. These magnetic pulses create rotational movement, both clockwise and counterclockwise.

In like manner, the first atomic particles are formed, the first atoms, the first molecules and finally the first living cells. In this process we can perceive the workings of God in many ways. But in regards to this chapter the most important aspect of God which we can recognize is the continuous inpouring of divine love and light. The pure essence of God, which we perceive as spiritual light continuously enters into our universe, into every atom, into every molecule, and into every cell. This constant inpouring creates an expansion, a pressure, a voltage or force that creates an equal and opposite resistance against it.

What I’m trying to say is very simple and yet very profound. At the center or core of every atom, every molecule, every cell, in everything that exists, living and nonliving, there is a pulsing spark of divine light. This light continues to pour into our universe and needs somewhere to go. It is this constant inpouring of creative divine light that forces all things to grow more complex and evolve.

The purpose of all existence, of all life, is to grow more complex and to evolve. All possibilities are to be explored, good and bad. This is true for all living things as well as all nonliving things. Living things need to gain an awareness, a way of coping with those things that are dangerous and deadly if they want to survive. Just as much can be learned from the failures in life as can be learned from the successes.

In a symbolic way when we look at the simple atom we can perceive the face of God. At the very center is a flashing spiritual light that is so great we cannot look directly into it. We cannot look upon the face of God. The face of God is covered by veils of pulsing whirling energy, rotating magnetic fields that push and pull us in different ways and confuse us. Yet, this flashing spiritual light and these rotating veils extend into the physical world to create a throne, the first physical object, the hydrogen atom. And upon this throne sits the son of God, the helium atom.