The Energies Of Organic Gnosticism

Normal human awareness usually finds itself remaining more or less permanently at a specific level with temporary excursions into the other levels. It will help to become familiar with these levels. Our thoughts normally don’t leave where we are comfortable and most of our conversations are repeats over and over of old material.

Immediately above the Black Energy of sexuality is the Red Energy of fear. This is the energy of the warrior, death, destruction and heroic deeds. Many have called this the Nordic ray and the energy of magic. At this level one must confront personal fear and master it. As this is also a very low level energy close to the physical levels it is most often considered magical as well, but the magic is the magic of fear and destruction, blood and death.

There is no doubt that modern society is based upon this energy and not upon that of sexuality. Collectively we are more prone to make war, not love! Blood magic, sacrifice, death and survival of the fittest find meaning at this level. Often innocent and gentle people that practice healthy sexuality and have black auras cause this Red Energy to flare up in those they encounter and fears are projected onto innocent people. They are accused of doing fearful things, things that only exist in the minds of the accusers. Those whose normal waking awareness are constantly at these levels are warriors and materialists that are completely blind to other levels and fear the occult because of what it stirs up within themselves. For these people sexuality is violent and a type of warfare.

Immediately above this Mars/war energy is the Orange Energy of decadence. This is where the awareness of the majority of humanity finds itself. The search for creature comforts, a good meal, a soft bed, a healthy body. This is the energy of digestion and of healers and medicine. It is also the energy of sloth, purification, disease, and decadence. In the astral, non-physical realms undeveloped souls at this level resemble animals, herd like and bovine or some other animal with primitive instincts and drives. Their astral bodies have an animal shape because that is what these people really are at this level.

People at this level of awareness act with fear toward those that have either the black or red energy bodies activated and often are not be able to tell them apart. They can only sense their own fear and the animal magnetism of sexual desire. For these people sex is simply animalistic mating to be performed or avoided like that of dogs on the street. They fear giving themselves over to blind passion, and also to blind rage or anger. There is no conscious awareness or very limited conscious awareness at this level. This provokes and stirs the lower emotions, shame, disgust, apathy, revulsion and perhaps horror. At this level one must confront decadence and sloth and master them to move beyond the present moment. This includes addictions to passive entertainments such as drugs, TV, video games and sports.

Above this level are the Upper Emotions that create the Yellow Energy and the Green Energy or solar astral body. These are the levels of the heart energies and social activity as well as enjoyment of life.

These are the levels of pride, patriotism, love and sense of self or the simple ego. The belief that everyone else experiences life the same way you do. It never occurs to them that others may have different views and beliefs; much less that life is different for them. This is the realm of the law and public authority. Those who are empowered at this level understand humanity at a very common level and are able to act as leaders and voices for the collective. They become Rulers or Kings and Queens. I might also add politicians! And of course Hollywood stars!

Above this level are the philosophers, those that have discovered the magic of thought and ideas, the Blue Energy. These are people whose awareness is so firmly entrenched at this level that they live entirely in their heads and are no earthly good, except perhaps as college professors. These people believe in logic and reason and think that science can prove everything. These people are normally not open to the Black Energy of sexuality except in a most distorted form and are nerds or worse. They have no concept of normal human sexuality.

And beyond these are those drawn toward the spiritual experiences of the Violet Energy, . The spiritual planes exist beyond the mental philosophical planes, beyond logic and reason. Illuminations are experienced that bring glimpses of archetypal reality or self-evident truth.

This completes a very sketchy introduction to the various levels of awareness. A complete and balanced human functions at will on all of these levels. They have activated all of these non-physical astral bodies and can make use of their sensory abilities in magical ways.