The inner circle of electrons or bits of awareness contain two particles and create the archetypal world. The second and third rings or shells contain 8 bits of awareness each and create the mental planes as we mentioned in the last post.

It is the fourth and fifth electron rings or shells which create what we commonly call astral bodies and astral worlds. That is because these are created out of emotional energy and the astral planes are associated with emotional energy.

Each of these rings has a possible 16 electrons or bits of awareness before it is complete. The fourth shell is termed the upper emotional point. The fifth shell is termed the lower emotional plane.

These planes are much richer and detailed than the first, second or third shells because they offer so much more sensory detail.

In the human body these are centered at the heart chakra and solar plexus chakra respectively they form the upper emotional astral body and the lower emotional astral body.

The upper emotional body involves sensations of love and pleasure as well as their absence.

The lower emotional body involves organic and cellular awareness including hunger, fear and pain. It also involves mastery over those things.

We develop each astral body by physically generating the needed energy to create bits of awareness or soul particles which will fill each ring or shell until it is complete. We can pick the astral world we choose to work within. We can choose spiritual energy through prayer and meditation or we can choose the mental worlds through philosophy and words. They all function in the same manner. First we generate the appropriate energy and when enough is generated one bit of awareness is formed and creates one soul fragment.

That first bit of awareness has no other bits or soul fragments to compare itself with so there is the subjective experience of spiritual light or illumination. The addition of a second soul fragment brings an archetypal awareness into that astral plane. Full mastery of that astral plane only comes when the astral ring or shell is complete.

In the astral these emotional energies form separate layers around the earth which are richly populated with the astral representations of living and nonliving things. It is in the emotional planes that most dreams take place. The energy we have accumulated through the day is used by our astral bodies as they leave our physical bodies and journey into the astral worlds of dreams where the energy is discharged through the act of dreaming.