The Divine Marriage Of Gaia And Lucifer

At the division of souls into Divine Counterparts, one male and one female, that which is called the first principle was retained by the male and that which is called the second principle was retained by the female. Ordinarily neither has conscious awareness of these gifts and the one is not capable of being conscious of the other’s gift. These two principles lie at the extreme outmost circumference of the soul and of reality, even though they exist in every atomic particle.

To the male was given the ability to tap into the creative force of life itself, the energy of the photon or infinite spiritual light and its complement the lightning flash or lightning bolt. This is the life force energy itself, an ever growing and expansive force that pervades all of existence. This force is also called the Wrath of God, or Lucifer. It is the energy that creates voltage or stress until something happens and the destructive lightning flashes. When the lightning flashes the voltage is released into the female principle and the male principle becomes quiet and relaxed. This process is eternal and exists at all levels of the soul and all levels of life.

The female retains the mysterious “cone of power” or magical/magnetic power of attracting or repelling. Again this power is above the physical world and beneath the physical world. It is this magnetic power that creates the womb or female matrix and it creates on the physical level and on the non physical level according to what type of energy is going through it. This force or power is not ordinarily worked with at the conscious level and remains mechanical and sub conscious for most females. So the female magically draws to her those things she desires into her matrix and magically repels those things she refuses through the power of her love.

It is this matrix or spiritual womb that mixes male and female energies together to form a third energy which is responsible for the creation of all things. Consider the electron and proton in the atom, these are the subatomic principles of the male energy, light and electricity. Consider how the rotating north magnetic field and opposite rotating south magnetic field combine to form the first simple atom of Hydrogen. This is what happens in the spiritual womb of the female.

This is how God created the universe as the Holy Trinity which exists as the fountain of life within every atom that exists, the Father (light/electricity), the Mother (rotating north magnetic/rotating south magnetic) and the Throne of God (the first atom, Hydrogen which forms the stars and the sun). This also forms the highest spiritual body which awareness of both the male and female soul can dwell within. It is the primal body of light and is a round ball of energy which lies beyond the great abyss and is not of this world. Awareness can travel within this astral body to the far ends of existence. This is also the center of the heart of God and of Golden colored Christ energy and love.

At the death of the physical body this primal body of light is what the soul or awareness tries to go inside for safety. It is the first door of death and if awareness can find a home here the soul has truly become immortal and has merged with all of creation as the unity of light. The only way this body of light can be created is by the first principle of the male entering the second principle of the female with enough force to create the spiritual birth for both of them.

If this fails the awareness tries entering the second door of the soul, that of the Helium atom. This completes the first electron ring of the atom and is known as the Sun/Son of God. It is the level of archetypal awareness and of the various gods and goddesses. This is a spiritual level above that of logic and reason and can only be arrived at through spiritual illumination. At this level the soul becomes a Christ or god/dess. This is the level of the third eye and the level that Christianity has taught and striven for this past two thousand years. The astral body of the soul created at this level is human shaped but without features like a balloon of light. It is a radiant body that one can not behold. It is the body of Christ.

If the ego or awareness after the death of the physical body fails at the first and second door of eternal life it enters the third gate of death, the abstract mental energies of the throat chakra. Here the soul or awareness must once more reincarnate into a new birth, but it has a choice to the degree that awareness can hold itself together. This is the 5th density level of the “observer self”, the individual soul or reincarnating ego which survives the death of the physical personality and holds the energies of the soul together as much as it can. Again this “observer self” is created through the mixing and exchange of mental/philosophical male and female energies within the spiritual matrix of the female. The astral body created at this level is that of the “ascended master”.

This has been called the alchemical marriage of Christ and Sophia, his holy bride. It results in the creation of an observer self or soul for both the male and female. The creation of this observer self came about as a byproduct of the invention of reading and writing about four thousand years ago. Prior to that the soul as we know it, the observer self didn’t exist except in a very few bloodlines and in a few individuals. Humanity lived in a hive mind or collective where there were no true individuals except the leaders who alone were able to develop strong enough egos.

This is the level of the rose colored energy of love and of the heart center.

So for the past four thousand years this holy divine marriage of the Christ and Sophia, with the denial of the lower sexual energies and the corresponding repression of the female has dominated the religions and spiritual traditions of the earth. Gaia has never ascended and the Divine Marriage of Gaia and Lucifer has never been allowed until now. For the first time the lowest energies of life and love have been allowed to mix with the highest energies in a full spectrum marriage that completes the male soul and the female soul as Divine Counterparts. This marriage is the only way that Gaia could ascend with all living things. It has never been done before.