The Dangled Carrot And Misdirection

Look around you. Are you happy? Is your life fulfilling? Is your cup of joy running over with blessings? Or are you waiting? Waiting for something to happen or for the promised glory of the afterlife?

So, is my life happy and fulfilling? No! But I’m working on it! I might even say that it is getting better and better all the time. I have no concern about the afterlife because my multi-dimensional self is working on that too! Chuckle.

There is a paradox at work here. Part of our awareness resides here in physical 3D and other parts roam freely in other realms, the realms of emotions, thoughts and spirit. As such we remain body and soul. This union of body and soul is not an easy task but it is the ultimate one. The idea is to be a multi-dimensional being in a 3D physical body or even better an immortal 3D body. This is the only way for the soul to experience the full spectrum of life experience.

The Shadow and our Higher Self are both areas where we have failed in our goal. To achieve the life we seek both the Shadow and the Higher Self need to be dissolved and integrated into our real self, our soul. These are both demons, secondary personalities, that torture us and damage our souls.

The Shadow consists of those things we perceive inside of us that we don’t want, that repel us and cause us to hate ourselves. We have them and wish we didn’t. But we can’t get rid of them because they are a part of us. We see these things in others and hate them as well.

The Higher Self consists of those things we perceive in others and wish we had but can’t find them in ourselves. They are forever out of reach and unattainable. We spend our lives striving to attain them. These are those things we consider sacred and think we love.

In both cases we are not where we want to be in the present moment. We are experiencing something that we don’t want to experience and longing for something that is out of our reach.

Now here is where things get a bit weird. In this new age time is no longer linear. Things do not manifest in the same way as they used to. We just seem to stay in the same spot while the days of our lives go speeding past. The weeks, months and years go by and we are still in relatively the same spot, the present moment. But the astral is always changing.

Sure, we are creating in the astral, creating that life we desire; but it never manifests and we are getting older. This is the dangled carrot and the misdirection created by the mischief of the Shadow and the Higher Self working against us.

It is only when the astral can’t change that it is forced into form and physical manifestation. This is the purpose and function of magic. The idea is to use the physical body to generate energy and pump it into the astral to create and support our astral creations, to defend them against all opposition and to bring them down level after level until they have no choice but to physically manifest.

This is true for both males and females even though the energy operates differently. One way is to strive selfishly for a personal goal until the world grants it to us through the generation of our personal energy because it can’t stop us. The other way is to give our personal energy unselfishly to the entire world until the world is filled completely and in the completion of a circuit returns it back to us as our secret desire.

In reality both paths need to be followed by both males and females. We use the energy generated by our physical bodies in the present moment to magically draw our astral creations to us as physical manifestations. This requires enormous quantities of physically generated energy and the most powerful way of generating it is through tantric sexual practices.

In doing this we will be dissolving and integrating both our Shadow and our Higher Self as we confront and clear away the barriers that each places before us. The Shadow and Higher Self are our greatest enemies.

Now to disclose the greatest secret of all! We can do this because the astral is finite! It is limited and can be filled to completion with our energy. We can give our energy away until it returns to us! This is the only way! We generate energy in the present moment until our present moment is where we want to be. It is that simple!