The Danger Of A Moral World

This is a difficult post to write but it is a very important one! There is a very real danger in today’s modern world for the individualist. Not only is there a public denial of the soul and non-physical realities, but denial of any religion and divine essence at all. There is a large enough difference between the spiritual person that tries to follow the still small voice of conscience in their heart and the congregation of pious churchgoers that believe devoutly in the truth revealed in the Scriptures. One is a mystic and the others followers. One believes in carrying their own cross while the others believe in clinging to a cross that is not their own.

But they are both treated the same by the rational atheists of today’s modern world. Human morality is no longer determined by one’s conscience or even by Scripture. Human morality is now determined by humans! And that is a very dangerous state of affairs! The power to determine morality has been taken away from the conscience and taken away from religion. The power to determine morality has now been placed in the hands of politicians and social activists! We are already seeing the beginnings of politically correct morality and to me it seems pretty ugly!

Morality by its own definition seeks to define the highest in humanity so how can it be determined by the lowest common denominator? To make matters worse politically correct morality has the power of becoming our new all-encompassing social religion! When morality conquers spirit there is a change of masters! How can the lowest common denominator speak for the highest within the individual? The answer is that it can’t! We are going in the wrong direction!

I was taught that the most powerful way of influencing others was to set a good example for them by my own actions and words. I think the worst way of influencing others is by passing lowest common denominator moral laws and forcing people to follow them!